At IIT KGP, academics is designed to give wings to your aspirations - more than teach, we help you learn and innovate.

A wide variety of disciplines (19 Departments, 13 Schools and 9 Centres of Excellence) are offered which are also amalgamated, thus making available a plethora of multidisciplinary courses.

Students are encouraged to explore the options which suit them the best, irrespective of the discipline to which they have been admitted. This improves their industry worthiness and knowledge base and helps them emerge as well-rounded graduates, equipped for any any career either in academics or the corporate world.

Opportunities for research, fellowships, internships and networking are boundless.


Our admission criteria are among the most rigorous in the country. But on admission, students are supported with

  • Best-in-class Technical Facilities
  • Web-enabled Classrooms
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • Use of Learning Management Tools, viz. Moodle
  • Discussion Forum

Academic programs

  • B.Tech. (15 programs)
  • B.Arch, Dual Degree (35 programs)
  • MBA, MHRM, LLB, MMST, MCP, M.Sc/ M.Tech/ MS (67 programs)
  • Ph.D programs


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