The Institute currently has 19 Departments, 13 Schools and 9 Centres of Excellence. Additionally there are more than 25 R&D units. Academic programs are offered are B.Tech.(15 programs), B.Arch, Dual Degree (35 programs), MBA, MHRM, LLB, MMST,MCP, M.Sc/ M.Tech/ MS (67 programs), PhD programs.

Talk about the latest interests - they are all here under one umbrella and these can be studied as elective papers for minor or microspecialization during B.Tech. or M.Tech. in 2-Year M.Tech. or Dual Degree Programs.

  • Nano Science & Technology
  • Energy Science
  • Environment Science & Technology
  • Bio-energy
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Business Management
  • Financial Engineering
  • Impact of our Academic Program

Features of Classroom Teaching at IIT Kharagpur:

  • Smaller size of the class i.e. higher faculty student ratio ensuring better focus on every student
  • World-class technical facilities in the classrooms
  • Availability of Moodle
  • Discussion Forum
IIT Kharagpur

Career-oriented Academics:

We ensure competence in core area through effective instructions by world class faculty. We improve the industry worthiness of students and their interest in research by involving them in industry sponsored research. This helps us deliver top quality graduates who are well equipped to follow a corporate or research career. We have a plethora of multidisciplinary programs through Minor, Microspecialization and Dual Degree for empowering students with added skills. We offer opportunities for global academic research experience. Our programs on Law, Management, Finance etc. help build leadership or entrepreneurial aptitude, thus our graduates are more than mere engineers.

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