Bhabani Sankar Das


Agricultural and Food Engineering



Research Areas

  • Soil Physics
  • Hyperspectral Sensing
  • Digital Soil Mapping
  • Water remote sensing
  • Soil Spectroscopy
We focus on soil as a key component of agricultural systems. Our research areas include water and solute transport, soil spectroscopy, hyperspectral remote sensing, water remote sensing, digital soil mapping, and contaminant hydrology.

Important contributions from our group are:

a. National-scale digital soil maps for texture, pH, organic carbon contents, water holding capacities, cation exchange capacities,and aggregate size distribution parameters
b. Spectral library for soils of selected states
c. New spectral algorithms for estimating soil and crop parameters using spectral reflectance data
d. Water quality parameter maps of the Chilika lagoon using water remote sensing approaches
e. Multspectral and hyperspectral remote sensing methods for estimating soil properties
f. Measurement and modeling of water and nutrient transport in rice soils
g. Creation of a soil tortuosity database
  • Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) for rapid soil testing and soil quality assessment in smallholder farms Majeed I., Garg K. K., A V. , Purushothaman N. K., Roy S. , Reddy N. N., Singh R. , H A. K., Dixit S. , Das B. S. By European Journal of Soil Science 74 e133- (2023)
  • Digital soil mapping of key secondary soil properties using pedotransfer functions and Indian legacy soil data Reddy N. N., Das B. S. By Geoderma 429 116265- (2023)
  • Estimation of soil and crop residue parameters using AVIRIS-NG hyperspectral data Majeed I., Purushothaman N.K., Chakraborty P., Panigrahi N., Vasava H.B., Das B.S. By International Journal of Remote Sensing 44 2005-2038 (2023)
  • Assessment of Soil Properties using Spectral Signatures of Bulk Soils and Their Aggregate Size Fractions Vasava H.B., Das B.S. By Geoderma 417 - (2022)
  • Estimation of euphotic zone depth in shallow inland water using inherent optical properties and multispectral remote sensing imagery Roy S., Das B.S. By Journal of Hydrology 612 128293- (2022)
  • National-scale maps for soil aggregate size distribution parameters using pedotransfer functions and digital soil mapping data products Purushothaman N. K., Reddy N. N., Das B. S. By Geoderma 424 116006- (2022)
  • Legacy data-based national-scale digital mapping of key soil properties in India Reddy N.N., Chakraborty P., Roy S., Singh K., Minasny B., McBratney A.B., Biswas A., Das B.S. By Geoderma 381 114684- (2021)
  • Canopy Spectral Reflectance as a Predictor of Soil Water Potential in Rice Panigrahi N., Das B. S. By Water Resources Research 54 1-17 (2018)
  • Soil Health and its Relationship with Food Security and Human Health to Meet the Sustainable Development Goals in India Das B. S., Wani S. P., Benbi D. K., Muddu S. , Bhattacharyya T. , Mandal B. , Santra P. , Chakraborty D. , Bhattacharyya R. , Basak N. , Reddy N. N. By Soil Security 8 100071- (2022)

Principal Investigator

  • Assessment of Soil Strength and Associated Soil Parameters for Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh using Digital Soil Mapping and Multispectral Remote Sensing Approaches
  • Soil Health Assessment for Improving Agricultural Production in the Bundelkhand Region using Digital Soil Mapping and Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
  • Soil Testing and Spectral Analysis

Ph. D. Students

Israr Majeed

Area of Research: Soil hydrology

Joynath Mishra

Area of Research: Coal Identification and Hyperspecrtal Image Processing

Naveen Kumar P

Area of Research: Soil hydrology

Nukala Nagarjuna Reddy

Area of Research: Soil moisture prediction

Ojha Suchitra Rani

Area of Research: Hyperspectral remote sensing

Sarimalla Naveena

Area of Research: Soil Assessment

Smita Rani Swain

Area of Research: Remote sensing for soil assessment

Sourav Roy

Area of Research: Hyperspectral remote sensing