Damodhara Rao Mailapalli


Associate Professor

Agricultural and Food Engineering



Research Areas

  • Application of UAVs for crop management
  • Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  • Diffuse Agricultural Pollution
  • AI and ML for Water Management
  • Precision Agriculture
Agro-ecological research is leading to new understanding of agro-ecosystem function that is enabling yield growth through improved nutrient cycling, water utilization, improved pest and disease management, nitrogenfixation, and synergistic plant-water-atmospheric interactions. Researchers around the globe are discovering a host of possibilities in integrated food and nature systems that can offer both reasonably high yields and a sensible balance with nature. These systems will likely reduce their dependence on non-renewable inputs and integrate more advanced biological processes for sustainable intensification that conserve natural resources including soil and water. My research in this regard mainly focuses on water and plant nutrient management by integrating crop, soil and atmosphere using mathematical models, laboratory and field investigations.

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Principal Investigator

  • AI Based Imaging Solution for Detection of Pest attack in Tea Leaves using Aerial Imaging NATIONAL TEA RESEARCH FOUNDATION,KOLKATA
  • Testing of Nano Liquid Complex Fertilizers (N-K and P-K) for Cereals 109 NANO COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Sensor-based Precision Irrigation Water Application Modeling using Soil, Crop and Weather Parameters (More Crop Per Drop) Aquastride Technologies Private Limited

Ph. D. Students

Aaneta Paul

Area of Research: Diffuse agricultural pollution

Chwadaka Pohshna

Area of Research: Nanofertilizers and environmental toxicity

Durgam Maheshwar

Area of Research: Moisture and plant nutrients migration in soil

Khose Suyog Balasaheb

Area of Research: Groundwater management through Transdisciplanery apporoach

Perli Monisha

Area of Research: Nanofertilizers and environmental toxicity

Resham Chawla

Area of Research: Water Management

Souvik Pal

Area of Research: Water Quality

Sudarsan Biswal

Area of Research: Development of image based analytics for crop water management.