Somsubhra Chakraborty

Ph.D., Louisiana State University, USA

Associate Professor

Agricultural and Food Engineering




  • Chairman, Campus Green Cover
  • Assistant Warden, Gokhale Hall
  • Warden, B C Roy Hall

Research Areas

  • Portable XRF Applications in Soil
  • Digital Soil Mapping
  • Data Mining
  • Non-invasive Sensors
  • Smartphone-based affordable soil testing
I am interested in developing novel optical and electrochemical soil sensors that use machine learning and deep learning to rapidly estimate soil properties, especially for resource-poor farmers.  Currently, our group is working on portable soil sensors like PXRF and DRS for quick soil monitoring and mapping, digital soil mapping, soil image processing and subsequent modeling via deep learning, smartphone-based colorimetric device development, NIR image-based soil characterization, and sensor-based user-friendly android app development for soil testing and fertilizer recommendation. I welcome ambitious, sincere, and hard-working students to join our group for Ph.D. Follow my personal website for more details. 
  • Advanced Hyperspectral and X-ray Fluorescence Sensors For Monitoring Contaminated Soils Chakraborty S., Weindorf D. C., Ray D. P. By Soil Amendments for Sustainability: Challenges and Perspectives - (2018)
  • Digital Soil Science for Identification of Problem Soil Characteristics Deb S., Chakraborty S. By Soil Amendments for Sustainability: Challenges and Perspectives - (2018)

Principal Investigator

  • Development of Darwin Center Plant Spectral Library (DC-PSL) & Sensor + AIML based, rapid, cost-effective Crop Advisory Application
  • Sensor-based Precision Irrigation Water Application Modeling using Soil, Crop and Weather Parameters (More Crop Per Drop)

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Non-Enzymatic Microfluidic Electrochemical Multiplex Sensor for Cost-Effective Soil Testing Indo-German Science & Technology Centre

Ph. D. Students

Ankita Chakraborty

Area of Research: Stress Physiology in Plants

Ayan Das

Area of Research: Soil Sensing

Jatiya Madan Balchand

Area of Research: Soil Sensors

Lavanya V

Area of Research: Water and sediment quality analysis

Partha Deb Roy

Area of Research: Soil Sensing

Prithwiraj Deb


Rachna Singh

Area of Research: Digital Soil Sensing

Saroj Urkude

Area of Research: Soil Sensors

Shubhadip Dasgupta

Area of Research: Soil Fertility

Sourav Roy

Area of Research: Hyperspectral remote sensing

Swarup Sutar

Area of Research: Soil sensor: development and application

Ushasi Dam

Area of Research: Soil Sensors

MS Students

Evans Wanjala Mutayi

Area of Research: Soil Science

Lukas Shanyengange Amunyela

Area of Research: Soil Science