Pabitra Mitra


Computer Science and Engineering



Research Areas

Machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, information retrieval
  • Preface Swarnkar T., Patnaik S., Mitra P., Misra S., Mishra M. By Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies 317 xi-xii (2023)
  • An Investigation into Effective Fault Localization Dutta A., Mitra P., Mall R. By Studies in Computational Intelligence 1028 83-112 (2022)
  • Semi-automated ontology creation and upgradation for rail-road incidents: A case of a steel plant in India Pramanik A., Sarkar S. , S S. V., Maiti J. , Mitra P. By Emerging Technologies in Data Mining and Information Security 285-294 (2021)
  • The role of data lake in big data analytics: Recent developments and challenges Rao T.R., Mitra P., Goswami A. By Handbook of Big Data Analytics: Methodologies 105-124 (2021)

Principal Investigator

  • Capillary Technologies-IIT Kharagpur Joint R&D Program
  • Connected Numeral Recognition in Indian Language Speech

Co-Principal Investigator

  • AI and Virtual Reality Modelling and Collaborative Learning of Risk and Situational Awareness in the Socio-Technical System Under Disruptions Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • AI Assisted Autonomous Verification Technologies for SoCs INTEL TECHNOLOGY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED
  • Cyber Security of Power Systems through Design-for Prevention, Real-time Detection and Effective Intervention Central Power Research Institute
  • House, Road and Well-being Ã?Â?Ã?¢Ã?¢âÂ?Â?Ã?¬Ã?¢âÂ?¬Ã?Â? A Quasi-experimental Analysis of PMGSY and PMAY(G) on Household and Community Level Wellbeing INDIAN COUNCIL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH
  • Structural Utility of Migrant Labor Network: Analyzing COVID Disrupted Labor Market Network in the Informal Sector CISCO University Research Program Fund
  • Workshops for NSM Nodal Centre Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

Ph. D. Students

Alzara Sheikh

Area of Research: Spatial Data Analysis

Amaljith E.V

Area of Research: Machine Learning

Anamika Dey

Area of Research: Agricultural Data Analytics

Anirban Lahiri

Area of Research: AI in Psychology

Anshuman Vatsyayan

Area of Research: Speech Processing

Anupam Gupta

Area of Research: Intelligent IoT

Anushree Basu

Area of Research: Multi-spectral Image Processing and Human Monitoring

Aravinda Reddy P N

Area of Research: Speech Processing

Biswanath Halder

Area of Research: Machine Learning

Bithika Pal

Area of Research: Machine learning

Chinchu Abraham

Area of Research: Data Analytics

Dipannita Podder

Area of Research: Search Engines

Joy Mustafi

Area of Research: Language Technology

Karunamoy Maji

Area of Research: Data Mining

Kousik Biswas

Area of Research: Algorithmic Development of PSInSAR and GeoImaging for Applications

Manashi Chakraborty

Area of Research: Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Monnie Parida

Area of Research: Natural Language Processing

Nilanjan Sinhababu

Area of Research: Big Data Mining

Nwe Ni Kyaw

Area of Research: Image Processing

Paidi Avinash

Area of Research: Soft Computing

Piyali Karmakar

Area of Research: NLP and Assistive Technology

Pushpinder Singh Rana

Area of Research: High Performance Computing

Saikat Biswas

Area of Research: Audio Data Analytics

Shubhadeep Sarkar

Area of Research: Data Mining

Shubhi Shukla

Area of Research: Security in High Performance Computing

Somrita Sarkar

Area of Research: Image Processing and Machine Learning

Sourav Biswas

Area of Research: Software Testing

Sourav Das

Area of Research: Information Processing

Sudhakar P

Area of Research: Speech Processing

Suman De

Area of Research: Data Analytics

Suvadeep Hajra

Area of Research: ML and Security

Vasudha Joshi

Area of Research: Machine Learning

Y Madhu Keerthana

Area of Research: Speech Processing

MS Students

Abhijit Mukherjee

Area of Research: Climate Data Analytics

Anindita Mandal

Area of Research: Speech Recognition

Asmita Basu

Area of Research: Machine Learning and HPC

Bishal Gupta

Area of Research: Application of computer science in economics

Moitrayee Gupta

Area of Research: Situational Awareness

Pallavi Anand

Area of Research: Machine Learning aided Hardware Security

Rituparna Maiti

Area of Research: Applied AI

Rupshali Dasgupta

Area of Research: Machine Learning and Cyber-Security

Utsav Bandyopadhyay Maulik

Area of Research: Speech and language processing