Pallab Dasgupta


Computer Science and Engineering




  • Co-Coordinator for the Indo-German Collaborative Research Centre on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Research Areas

Proving the correctness of safety critical systems using formal methods is one of the exciting areas in Computer Science. The Formal Verification and CAD Research Group, under Dr Dasgupta is one of the most vibrant groups in the world in this area, known for its wide range of contributions in CAD for verification of VLSI circuits, automated control systems, networks, and embedded software. The group has collaborated with many leading industries including Intel, Texas Instruments, IBM, Synopsys, Google, Motors, Indian Railways, National Semiconductors, Hindustan Aeronautics, Qualcomm, and Semiconductor Research Corporation. The Synopsys CAD Labs

Dr Dasgupta works with EE, ECE, and CS students to address some of the emerging research challenges in automotive control, safety critical avionic software, digital and analog integrated circuits, railway signalling and train control systems, and smart electrical grids. He leads the FMSAFE centre for Formal Methods and the Synopsys CAD Labs.

The wide penetration of AI and ML technologies in safety critical systems has recently influenced the focus of this research group, with new vistas on combining domain knowledge with machine learning, and formal / semi-formal approached for verification of ML based safety critical systems.
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Principal Investigator

  • AI Assisted Autonomous Verification Technologies for SoCs
  • Formal equivalence and simulation relations for AMS behavioral models
  • Formal Methods for Physical Security Verification of Cryptographic Designs Against Fault Attacks
  • Formal Methods for Verification of Power Management in Mixed Signal Designs
  • GKF - Support for Academy of Classical and Folk Arts
  • RTOS Validation and Development Support
  • Specialized Training on Formal Verification
  • Specialized Training on Formal Verification for Synopsys
  • Synopsys CAD Laboratory Project Phase II

Co-Principal Investigator

  • GENERAL MOTORS ECS CRL FOR EDUCATION General Motors Technical Centre India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Safety Assurance in Automotive Electronics Synopsys Inc.
  • Synthesizing test programs as directed test families for incremental CPU validation INTEL TECHNOLOGY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

Ph. D. Students

Bhushan Govind Naware

Area of Research: Formal Verification

Briti Gangopadhyay

Area of Research: Artificial Intelligence

Dipayan Dewan

Area of Research: Neuro information science, Music cognition, Emotion analytics

Kaushik Dey

Area of Research: Reinforcement Learning

Praveen Verma

Area of Research: Smart Electrical Grids

Sayandeep Sanyal

Area of Research: Formal Methods for Analog CAD

Somnath Hazra

Area of Research: Artificial Intelligence

Sourav Das

Area of Research: Design Verification

Sumanta Dey

Area of Research: Artificial Intelligence

Swarnava Dey

Area of Research: AI and Deep Neural Networks