Chandan Chakraborty


Electrical Engineering



Congratulations to Mr. Umamaheswararao Vuyyuru for the paper, "Active Power Flow Control Between DC Microgrids", being accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. | Prof. Chakraborty is elected a Co-EIC for IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (for the period 2019-2021). | Congratulations to Dr. Sumit Chattopadhyay of IIT Delhi for his paper entitled "Full-Bridge Converter With Naturally Balanced Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Waveshapers for Offshore HVDC Trasmission," being accepted in IEEE Trans. on Sustainable Energy!!! | Congratulations to Mr. Noel Richard Merritt for his paper on "New Voltage Control Strategies for VSC based DG Units in an Unbalanced Microgrid," is accepted in IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy!!! | Prof. Chakraborty is elected (for the period 2017-2019) as ADCOM member for the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society in the election held in Florence, Italy on October 28, 2016. |


  • Head, Electrical Engineering

Research Areas

We work in the areas of power converters, industrial drives, electric machines, renewable energy integration and electric transportation.
We proposed new topological configurations and control techniques of multi level converters, active power filters/static VAR compensators and resonant converters. Our contributions in industrial drives include proposal of a new series of adaptive controllers for speed and parameter estimation of induction motor drives and development of fault tolerant controllers. In electric machines, we have shown the influence of parameter variation on parallel-operated self excited induction generators. We are presently investigating on a series of new brush-less and magnet-less machines. These have applications in renewable energy harnessing as well as electric vehicles. We are also developing inverters for solar PV applications and investigating several issues of renewable sources dominated micro-grid. 
  • A New Multilevel Inverter Topology With Self-Balancing Level Doubling Network S. K. Chattopadhyay and C. Chakraborty By IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 61 4622-4631 (2015)
  • A Direct PWM Technique for a Single-Phase Full-Bridge Inverter through Controlled Capacitor Charging C.Chakraborty, S. Dalapati and S.Bhattacharya By IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 56 12-19 (2009)
  • Speed and current sensor fault detection and isolation technique for induction motor drive using axes transformation C. Chakraborty and V. Verma By IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 62 1943-1954 (2015)
  • Performance of Three-Phase Asymmetric Cascaded Bridge (16:4:1) Multilevel Inverter S. K. Chattopadhyay and C. Chakraborty By IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 62 5983-5992 (2015)
  • MRAS-Based Rotor Resistance Estimation Technique for Indirect Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive Utilizing the Instantaneous and Steady State Reactive Power S. Maiti, C. Chakraborty, Y. Hori and M. C. Ta By IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 54 594-601 (2007)
  • Novel Half-Bridge Resonant Converter Topology Realized by Adjusting Transformer Parameters C. Chakraborty, M. Ishida and Y. Hori By IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 49 197-205 (2002)
  • A New Formulation of Reactive Power Based Model Reference Adaptive System for Sensorless Induction Motor Drive A. V. Ravi Teja, V. Verma and C. Chakraborty By IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 62 6797-6808 (2015)
  • Analysis of Parallel-Operated Self-Excited Induction Generators C. Chakraborty, S. N. Bhadra and A. K. Chattopadhyay By IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 14 209-216 (1999)
  • Parallel Connected Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filters Operating at Different Switching Frequencies for Improved Performance A. Bhattacharya, C.Chakraborty, and S. Bhattacharya By IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 59 4007-4019 (2012)
  • A New Model Reference Adaptive Controller for Four Quadrant Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives A. V. Ravi Teja, S. Maiti, C.Chakraborty, and Y. Hori By IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 59 3757-3767 (2012)

Principal Investigator

  • Renewable Energy Empowering European and Indian Communities (Re-Empowered)

Ph. D. Students

Amit Kumar Mondal

Area of Research: Electric Drives for EVs

Bikram Kumar Samanta

Area of Research: Islanded Local Energy System using PV, wind, BESS

Debottam Bhunia

Area of Research: Inverters for Solar Power Integration

Jeemut Bahan Sangiri

Area of Research: Battery management system and integration to power grid

K Sivakrishna

Area of Research: String Inverter Using Wide Band-gap Devices for PV Integration

Lokenath Chakraborty

Area of Research: Power Electronics and Drives

Nagarjun S

Area of Research: Solar Power Converters

Nirmalya Dhal

Area of Research: Energy Storage Integration at High Power Level

Praveen Verma

Area of Research: Smart Electrical Grids

Preeti Kumari Sahu

Area of Research: Solar Photovolatic System

Ruturaj Garnayak

Area of Research: Solar Energy Systems

Sagar Kumar Dash

Area of Research: Power Electronics and Drives

Saikat Ghosh

Area of Research: Solar Photovoltaic

Sourav Das

Area of Research: Applications of Power Electronics in Power Systems

Supratik Bhowmick

Area of Research: Control of Microgrid

Surbhi Simoliya

Area of Research: Wireless Charging Systems

Tuhin Subhra Basu

Area of Research: AC/DC Microgrid

Upama Bose

Area of Research: Micro-generation systems

MS Students

Sujoy Jana

Area of Research: Renewable Energy Integration and Microgrid