Priyadarshi Patnaik


Humanities and Social Sciences




  • Program Officer (Fine Arts), National Cultural Appreciation (NCA) coursess
  • Co-Professor-in-Charge, Academy of Classical and Folk Arts

Research Areas

  • Indian Aesthetics
  • Visual and multimedia communication
  • Generosity & End of Life communication
  • Music & visual perception and cognition
  • Happiness and subjective wellbeing
My research explores Indian aesthetics, visual and multimedia communication, music perecpetion and aesthetics, text and inter-medial translation. I also work on communication related to generosity and end of life care. My interests in visual arts, poetry, fiction and music also get integrated with my research. Currently, I extend these explorations into the realm of social media as well.

Working in an institute of technology has had its influence on me as well. This has resulted in my exploration with a group of scholars and students of using technology to explore my core fields of interest - aesthetics, art and music. As a result, we have take the first steps into the area of digital humanites as well as cognitive sciences with tools such as eye-tracker, polygraph and EEG.
  • Bloomsbury Handbook of Indian Aesthetics Priyadarshi Patnaik By Rasa aesthetics goes global - (2016)
  • Time in Indian Culture: Diverse Perspectives (Eds) Patnaik, P., S. C. Chatterjee and D. Suar By Time in Indian Culture: Diverse Perspectives - (2009)
  • A multimodal discourse analysis of glocalization and cultural identity in three Indian TV commercials Amarendra Dash, Priyadarshi Patnaik & Damodar Suar By Discourse and Communication Sage - (2016)
  • Artistic Visions and the Promise of Beauty: Cross-Cultural Perspectives Patnaik P. By The Aesthetics of Everyday Life: An Exploration through the Buddhist Concept of Vikalpa - (2017)
  • The Indian Spontaneous Expression Database for Emotion Recognition S L Happy, Priyadarshi Patnaik, Aurobinda Routray, Rajlakshmi Guha By IEEE Transactions of Affective Computing IEEE Transactions of Affective Computing - (2015)
  • How to Face Interviews and Succeed in Group Discussions Priyadarshi Patnaik By How to Face Interviews and Succeed in Group Discussions - (2015)
  • Automated Alertness and Emotion Detection for Empathic Feedback during e-Learning S. L. Happy, Anirban Dasgupta, Priyadarshi Patnaik, Aurobinda Routray By IEEE5th International Conference on Technology for Education - (2013)
  • Translating Spatio-temporal Visuals into Music: Exploring how intermediality influences Interpretation and Transformation Priyadarshi Patnaik and Ravi Sinha By Music, Semiotics, Intermediality. Proceedings of the 12th International Congress of Music Signification - (2012)
  • Anonymity/Identity: The Relation of Art to Living through the lens of Vikalpa Priyadarshi Patnaik By Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research Indian Council of Philosophical Research - (2009)
  • Audience Response to Gender Role Portrayals in Indian Advertisements Dwivedy, A., P. Patnaik and D. Suar By Audience Response to Gender Role Portrayals in Indian Advertisements. Journal of Creative Communication Sage - (2009)

Principal Investigator

  • Awe, Devotion and Transformation through Spiritual Music: An Exploration of Sikh Gurubani and Bangla kirtan through Neuro-Cognitive Analysis and Audience Response
  • Dried Fish Matters: Mapping the Social Economy of Dry Fish in South and South East Asia for Enhanced Well-being and Nutrition
  • Vulnerability to Viability (V2V): Global Partnership for Building Strong Small-Scale Fisheries Communities

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Academy of Classical and Folk Arts (ACFA) Various Government and Non-Government Organisations

Ph. D. Students

Ankur Shukla

Area of Research: Wellbeing, Ecology and Workforce

Chandan Kumar Maity

Area of Research: Micro Finance

Chirashree Srabani Rath

Area of Research:

Dhriti Shankar

Area of Research: Critical Theory

Diganta Panda

Area of Research: Social Science IS and Communication Strategies

Hirak Banerjee

Area of Research: Facial Thermal Imaging and Analytics

Jalaj Nayan

Area of Research: Wellbeing and Sentiment Analysis

Junmoni Borgohain

Area of Research: Psychology and Music

Karambelkar Gouri Ravindra Rashmi

Area of Research:

Karthik R

Area of Research: Energy Policy

Nandini Talukder

Area of Research: Visual Art

Palakshi Sarmah

Area of Research: Positive Organization Behavior and Cognition

Prachi Joshi

Area of Research: Human Monitoring

Ramya Ranjan Behera

Area of Research: well being

Ranajit Bera

Area of Research: Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Satarupa Uttarkabat

Area of Research: Human Monitoring

Sinjana Choudhuri

Area of Research: Happiness, well being and safety of technology intervention using VR

Soham Mallick

Area of Research: Visual art

MS Students

Sadhana Naskar

Area of Research: Visual Culture