Pulak Mishra


Humanities and Social Sciences




  • Head, Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness
  • Prof-in-Charge, IIT Kharagpur Kolkata Campus
  • Prof-in-Charge, Guest House
  • Member and Co-Principal Investigator, SPARC

Research Areas

I have research interests in fields of Industrial Economics, Public Economics and Policy, and Economics of Rural Development. Currently, I am engaged in carrying out research on issues relating to  corporate response to economic reforms (particularly, on implications of mergers and acquisitions, technology strategies, non-price competition, etc. for market structure, corporate performance, and public policies and regulations). My ongoing research works also include issues relating to market-policy-institution linkages for sustainable and inclusive development, social, economic and ecological implications of rural infrastructure development, value chain in agriculture sector, etc.
  • Socio-Economic and Environmental Implications of Solar Electrification: Experience of Rural Odisha Mishra P., Behera B. By Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 56 953-964 (2016)
  • Impact of Vertical Integration on Market Power in Indian Manufacturing Sector During the Post-Reform Period Basant R., Mishra P. By Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade - (2019)
  • Value Chain Development for Linking Land-constrained Farmers to Markets: Experience from Two Selected Villages of West Bengal, India Bagchi N.S., Mishra P., Behera B. By Land Use Policy 104 - (2021)
  • How Does Cleaner Energy Transition Influence Standard of Living and Natural Resources Conservation? A Study of Households Perceptions in Rural Odisha, India Swain S.S., Mishra P. By Energy 215 - (2021)
  • Delineation of groundwater potential zone for sustainable development: A case study from Ganga Alluvial Plain covering Hooghly district of India using remote sensing, geographic information system and analytic hierarchy process Patra S., Mishra P. , Mahapatra S. C. By Journal of Cleaner Production 172 2485-2502 (2017)
  • Determinants of adoption of cleaner cooking energy: Experience of the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana in rural Odisha, India Swain S. S., Mishra P. By Journal of Cleaner Production 248 1-12 (2020)
  • Determinants of Households Resistance Against Land Acquisition for Mining: Experiences at Talcher Coalfields in India Mishra S. K., Mishra P. By Land Use Policy 66 10-17 (2017)
  • A Development Delivery Institution for the Tribal Communities: Experience of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India Mishra P., Behera B. , Nayak N. C. By Development Policy Review 28 457-479 (2010)
  • Concentration vs Inequality Measures of Market Structure: An Exploration of Indian Manufacturing Mishra P., Rao U. S. By Economic and Political Weekly 49 59-65 (2014)
  • Are Mergers and Acquisitions Necessarily Anti-Competitive? Empirical Evidence of India's Manufacturing Sector Mishra P. By Margin 12 276-307 (2018)

Principal Investigator

  • Impact Evaluation Study on Social Sector Projects (Anganwadis) Assisted under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) in West Bengal
  • Impact Evaluation Study on Social Sector Projects (Rural Drinking Water Supply) Assisted under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) in Odisha
  • Promoting Socially Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in West Bengal and Bangladesh

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Carrying Capacity (CC) Study in OPA Bhilai-Durg of Chhattisgarh State CHHATTISGARH ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION BOARD
  • Centre of Excellence on Energy Aware Urban Infrastructure Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Dried Fish Matters: Mapping the Social Economy of Dry Fish in South and South East Asia for Enhanced Well-being and Nutrition Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
  • Evaluation of District Skill Development Planning (DSDP) Awards under SANKALP Programme of MSDE Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Identifying Best Available Technologies for Decentralized Waste-Water Treatment and Resource Recovery for India Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology (International Multilateral and Regional Cooperation Division)
  • Rural Drinking Water Treatment and Health University of Edinburgh
  • Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) MHRD
  • UKIERI Study in India (SII1937) The University of Edinburgh

Ph. D. Students

Amrita Sarkar

Area of Research: Industrial Economics

Ankur Shukla

Area of Research: Wellbeing, Ecology and Workforce

Ashish Kumar

Area of Research: Public Economics and Policy Analysis

Daisy Singh

Area of Research: Socio-economic aspects of smart cities

Debananda Bindhani

Area of Research: Diffusion studies: Interdisciplinary

Debashree Paul

Area of Research: Women''s health and Rural Development

Diganta Panda

Area of Research: Social Science IS and Communication Strategies

Krishna Kumar

Area of Research: Analysis of Historic Indian Cities for Sustainable Development

Krishna Nair J

Area of Research: Public Economics and Policy

Nayana Baral

Area of Research: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics

Pidathala Vaishnavi

Area of Research: Traffic and Transportation Engineering

Ranajit Bera

Area of Research: Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Sakir Laskar

Area of Research: Economic Geography

Sudhanshu Daharwal

Area of Research: Industrial Economics in Relation to Job Market