Arkopal Kishore Goswami


Associate Professor

Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Mngt.



Actively searching for Post-Doctoral candidates in the area of Multimodal Urban Mobility & Sustainable Transport | Actively searching for PhD applicants in the area of Multimodal Urban Mobility & Sustainable Transport |


  • Chairperson, Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management

Research Areas

  • Urban Multimodal Transport Planning Mgmt
  • Transport, environment and health
  • Travel behavior
  • Transport and data analytics
  • Transport and equity
Dr. Goswami is leading the Multimodal Urban Sustainable Transportation (MUST) research group at IIT Kharagpur. The primary research areas of the group include:

Urban Transport Sustainability
Urban Travel Behavior
Seamless Integration of Urban Travel Modes
Active Transportation and Impact on Human Health, and
Smart Management of Transport Infrastructure

Our research program aims to develop the next generation of transport infrastructure professionals, who would be equipped with a holistic understanding of the impacts of transportation on liveability. 
  • Modelling the Covid-19 Travel Choices in Colombia and India: A Hybrid Multiple Discrete-Continuous Nested Extreme Value Approach Vallejo-borda J., Bhaduri E. , Ortiz-ramirez H. , Arellana J. , Choudhury C. , Rodriguez-valencia A. , Wadud Z. , Goswami A. K. By Transportation Research Record 2677 - (2023)
  • Predicting pedestrian crash locations in urban India: An integrated GIS-based spatiotemporal HSID technique Hussain M.S., Goswami A.K., Gupta A. By Journal of Transportation Safety and Security - (2022)
  • A methodological framework for a priori selection of travel demand management package using fuzzy MCDM methods Kavta K., Goswami A. K. By Transportation - (2021)
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  • Modelling the effects of COVID-19 on travel mode choice behaviour in India Bhaduri E., Manoj B.S., Wadud Z., Goswami A.K., Choudhury C.F. By Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives 8 - (2020)
  • Examining user attitudes towards ride-hailing services A SEM-MIMIC Ordered Probit approach Bhaduri E., Goswami A. K. By Travel Behaviour & Society 40 41-59 (2023)
  • Assessing urban sidewalk networks based on three constructs: a synthesis of pedestrian level of service literature Nag D., Goswami A.K., Gupta A., Sen J. By Transport Reviews 40 204-240 (2020)
  • Identification of Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) for Developing Pedestrian Level of Service (PLOS): A Theoretical Approach using Experts Opinion Nag D., Sen J. , Goswami A. K. By Journal of International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 7 56-82 (2019)
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  • Estimating mode choice of motorized two-wheeler commuters under the influence of combined travel demand management measures: An ICLV modeling approach Kavta K., Goswami A.K. By Transport Policy 126 327-335 (2022)

Principal Investigator

  • Assam Skill University (ASU) Management and Operating System Development
  • Comprehensive Consultancy and Detailed Engineering Services for Construction of DVC R and R Services at TUBED Village, Latehar District Jharkhand
  • TUTEM - Technologies for Urban Transit to Enhance Mobility and Safe Accessibility
  • Uchhatar Avishkar Yojana

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Accident Data Analysis, Technical Audit and Recommendations for Reducing Road Accidents and Accident Severity Transport Department
  • Consulting Services for Verification of Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs) by Independent Verification Agency for West Bengal Inland Water Transport, Logistics and Spatial Development Project of Transport Department, Government of West Bengal West Bengal Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited
  • Decongestion of Kona Expressway (Kolkata bound) through Development of Off-street Satellite Parking Plazas and Real Time Control of Goods Vehicle Movements Transport Department
  • Development of Online Training Material on Safe Driving and Providing Knowledge Support and Assistance Transport Department
  • Enhancing Road Safety and Traffic Mobility within the Premises of Urbana Residential Complex and around the Immediate adjoining areas of Main Entrance to the said Complex BENGAL NRI COMPLEX LIMITED
  • Speed Management Policy at National and State Levels for Enhancing Road Safety in India: Development, Adoption, Capacity Building and Implementation International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Ph. D. Students

Aniruddha Khatua

Area of Research: Feature extraction and emission modelling

Atri Prashant

Area of Research: Mobility and Accessibility in Urban Regions

Eeshan Bhaduri

Area of Research: Measuring the effectiveness of information and communication technologies on improving urban mobility

Kapil Kumar Meena

Area of Research: Estimating environmental impacts of urban freight

Manoj B S

Area of Research: Measuring impacts of travel demand management strategies

Md Saddam Hussain

Area of Research: Safety assessment of non-motorized transport modes

Nilanjan Paul

Area of Research: Social Inclusivity and Urban Travel Networks

Priyanka Kureel

Area of Research: Integrating Heritage Conservation and Urban Planning for sustainable development

Shivangi Singh Parmar

Area of Research: Developing a Methodology to Determine the Resilience of the MSME Sector

Vullapu Sai Sesidhar

Area of Research: Travel Behaviour and Shared Autonomous Mobility