Debjani Chakraborty






  • Associate Dean, CE&T

Research Areas

I started my research career in July, 1989 as Ph.D. student under the guidance of Prof. J.R. Rao and Prof. R. N. Tiwari. I worked on Multi-objective decision making in imprecise and uncertain environment. Various decision frames were discussed in the thesis. Amalgamation of two diversified concepts randomness and fuzziness in decision-making framework had further been extended in other area like inventory management later on. I studied single period inventory model with fuzzy random variable demand, fuzzy random periodic review system, fuzzy random continuous review system etc. At the same time I started doing research on fuzzy multi-attribute decision making in single and group decision making situation. Here I developed few models along with some theoretical studies on similarity measure, different operators for generalized fuzzy numbers, properties of intutionistic fuzzy numbers etc. I also worked on fuzzy production rule in decision models. The same has been applied on different real decision situations like judging consumer trustworthiness in Internet marketing, ranking of services provided by various medical diagnostic laboratories, multi objective decision making with fuzzy rules etc. I also did some interdisciplinary works like trend analysis of tissue zinc and iron content for medical radiation workers using fuzzy logic, analyzing important ground water parameters in West Bengal with a fuzzy approach in the context of arsenic pollution. My very recent works include a detail study of fuzzy geometry. I published a series of three papers on this topic. I also do collaborative research work with School of medical science and technology here.
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Co-Principal Investigator

  • "Al aSsisted point-of-caRe device for pre-screening of Glaucoma using predictive modeling of tear fern patterns (ASRU)" IIT KHARAGPUR AI4ICPS I HUB FOUNDATION
  • Development of A Machine Learning Based Data Driven Predictive Model For Prostate Cancer Dosimetry Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Facilitating Appropriate Community Behavior for Prevention, Early Diagnosis, and Treatment of Malaria in Selected Tribal Areas of West Bengal through Technology-driven Social Mobilization Intervention INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH (ICMR)

Ph. D. Students

Annadaa Shankara Dash

Area of Research: Nanostructured Materials

Chandrima Debnath

Area of Research: Machine learning in heathcare

Kartick Bag

Area of Research: Fuzzy Optimization

Milton Biswas

Area of Research: Interval optimization

Mou Jana

Area of Research: Fuzzy Optimization

Pragya Gupta

Area of Research: Fuzzy Information Processing

Puneet Lakhmara

Area of Research: Optimization in Data Science

Sanchita Mondal

Area of Research: Machine learning in medical decision making

Shree Krishna

Area of Research: Nanostructured Materials

Sourav Das

Area of Research: Information Processing

Turin Datta

Area of Research: Nanostructured Materials