Nilanjan Das Chakladar

Ph.D., University of Manchester, UK

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Mechanical Engineering



No internship is available at the moment. Thank you. | Research position is available in the field of Composite Manufacturing (ME1). Apply for PhD in Manufacturing Science in Dec Round of 2023. Candidates has to be an expert in High Performance Composite Manufacturing, and Machine tools and Machining. |

Research Areas

Nilanjan Das Chakladar (PhD, University of Manchester, UK)
Visiting Senior Research Fellow, University of Leeds, UK until Dec 2025
Institute coordinator for MoU with University of Leeds, UK until Dec 2025

SECTION: Manufacuring Science and Engineering (ME1)


(i) Composites Manufacturing and Process models; (ii) Wear and Manufacturing Tribology; (iii) Machining Process Simulations

With 5 years of post-PhD work experience in research, teaching and enterprise, I joined as an Assistant Professor in Manufacturing Science and Engineering. Working in top Australian (UNSW Sydney), top UK (Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds) and top Indian universities (IIT Kharagpur and JU) instilled within me a sense of passion toward innovative and applied scientific research.

Over the past 4 years, I have developed the Advanced Composites Engineering (ACE) Laboratory at the Training Workshop of Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur. The laboratory is now drawing popularity across the globe, owing to the dedication, passion and self-motivation of some of the finest PhD and JRF scholars I have. Nonetheless, the enthusiasm of BTech and MTech students in their term projects is a plus. The laboratory was incepted in a classroom of 70 sqm and has farther expanded to an effective area of 85 sqm. This was not possible without the funding support of IIT Kharagpur, SERB, DRDO, ISRO, and Ministry of Textiles. On behalf of ACE Lab, we invite faculties, researchers and industrialists across the boundaries to visit our lab and try hands-on with fabrication of composites.

I am also associated with Machine Tools and Machining Lab as a Joint PIC, Surface and Coatings Lab and Friction Stir Welding Lab as Joint Supervisor of PhD scholars.   

Please feel free to inbox me for any possible collaboration or opportunities.

GoogleScholar: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=0dAqkqwAAAAJ&hl=en 

Laboratory: https://sites.google.com/view/nilanjan-das-chakladar/ace-lab-iitkgp
Training Workshop: https://sites.google.com/view/training-workshop-me-iitkgp

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ndchakladar/

Orcid ID: 0000-0003-0026-0200

  • Effects of porosity on the cure kinetics and residual stress of a porous polymer Dewangan B., Chakladar N.D. By Materials Today Communications 35 - (2023)
  • Detection of tool condition from the turned surface images using an accurate grey level co-occurrence technique Dutta S., Dutta A. , Das Chakladar N. , Pal S. K., Mukhopadhyay S. By Precision Engineering 36 458-466 (2012)
  • A dynamic recrystallization based constitutive flow model for micro-machining of Ti-6Al-4V Yadav R., Chakladar N.D., Paul S. By Journal of Manufacturing Processes 77 463-484 (2022)
  • Micro-milling of Ti-6Al-4 V with controlled burr formation Yadav R., Chakladar N.D., Paul S. By International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 231 - (2022)
  • Identification and estimation of defects in high-speed ground C/SiC ceramic matrix composites Choudhary A., Chakladar N. D., Paul S. By Composite Structures 113274- (2020)
  • Modelling of laminated composite plates with weakly bonded interfaces using scaled boundary finite element method Garg N., Chakladar N. D., Prusty B. G., Song C. , Phillips A. W. By International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 170 105349- (2020)
  • Online monitoring and prediction of thermo-mechanics of AFP based thermoplastic composites Oromiehie E., Das Chakladar N. , Rajan G. , Prusty G. By Sensors 19 1310- (2019)
  • Computational evaluation of wear and roughness in mixed lubrication regime Das Chakladar N., Gao L. , Hall R. M., Hewson R. W. By Orthopaedic Proceedings, Special issue of The British editorial society of the Bone and Joint Surgery 90- (2018)
  • Optimisation of composite bone plates for ulnar transverse fractures Das Chakladar N., Parsons A. J., Harper L. T. By J Mech Behvr Biomed Mater 57 334-336 (2015)
  • Effects of inter-tow angle and tow-size on carbon fibre friction Das Chakladar N., Mandal P. , Potluri P. By Comp Part A: Appl Mech & Manuf 65 115-124 (2014)

Principal Investigator

  • Development of biocompatible glass fibre composite for healthcare applications
  • Development of biocompatible glass fibre composite for healthcare applications
  • Fabrication and Modelling of a Composite Antenna Reflector
  • Fabrication of Impact-tolerant hybrid composite for naval applications
  • Numerical Modelling and Tailoring of Residual Stress in Ultrasonic-Assisted Abrasive Peening

Ph. D. Students

Abhik Bose

Area of Research: Tribological properties of thermally sprayed coatings

Bhishm Dewangan

Area of Research: Vacuum fabrication of Composites

Gautam Kumar

Area of Research: Grinding

Rahul Yadav

Area of Research: material removal processes

Ranjan Kumar Vishwakarma

Area of Research: Friction Stir Welding - Manufacturing and Prediction

Sammeta Veera Venkata Naga Siva Rao

Area of Research: Surface Modification

Sarita Pradhan

Area of Research: Composites

Sushant Saurabh

Area of Research: Composites Fabrication