Suman Chakraborty


Mechanical Engineering



Microfluidics lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering at IITKharagpur invites applications from interested students for doing research with us. Please write an email to suman@mech.iitkgp.ac.in |

Research Areas

  • Technologies for Affordable Healthcare
  • Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
  • Fluid Dynamics
Suman Chakraborty has research interests in micro/nano scale fluid dynamics and its applications focused towards sustainable technology goals for promoting good health and well-being of the underserved. The notable discoveries emerging from his fundamental research include: surface roughness-aided slippery flow, massively-amplified ionic-pumping in highly-confined water, sticky-flow of water on nano-engineered hydrophobic interfaces, programmable manoeuvring  of tiny droplets along arbitrary preferential directions, generating controlled microbubbles on portable spinning-disc, reversing thermally-driven spontaneous migration of nano-droplets – defying common scientific intuitions in all cases.  He also introduced niche low-cost bio-inspired fabrication and analytical tools to unveil several hitherto-unresolved mysteries of blood flow in human-body microvasculature, including the collective-dynamics of red blood cells. He innovated a biomimetic tumour-on-a-chip technology for unleashing the mechanisms of cancer progression.
Suman is the inventor of ‘Paper and Pencil Microfluidics’ technology - a new class of electrically-manipulative miniaturized devices that does not require any sophisticated fabrication-facility. This emerged as a backbone of manufacturing niche low-cost medical diagnostic devices, as well as facilitating water desalination and energy-harvesting systems on simple paper-strips. By harnessing such spontaneous ion-water interaction in an interlaced fibrous cellulose network, he further demonstrated electrical power generation using wet textiles, drawing analogies with water-transpiration in living plants.

Suman is a global-pioneer of disruptive diagnostic-technologies for resource-limited settings. His notable device inventions include: portable disc to perform a Complete-Blood-Count test, hand-held blood-perfusion imaging device for early screening of oral cancer, and a new Piecewise Isothermal Nucleic Acid test for infectious disease detection at point-of-care.  He leads a National-level Research and Technology Development Hub on Affordable Healthcare, where his own innovated products are being manufactured by small-scale enterprises. This hub is functional as techno-socio-economic lifeline, empowering rural women with the essential skill-set of delivering primary healthcare-support to the last-mile, and rejuvenating rural livelihood via facilitating sustainable enterprise formation for the unemployed.
  • Cellular-Aggregation Dictates Universal Spreading Behaviour of a Whole-Blood Drop on a Paper Strip Laha S., Kar S. , Chakraborty S. By Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 640 309-319 (2023)
  • A portable spinning disc for complete blood count Agarwal R., Sarkar A. , Bhowmik A. , Mukherjee D. , Chakraborty S. By Biosensors and Bioelectronics 150 111935- (2020)
  • Simultaneous quantitative detection of hematocrit and hemoglobin from whole blood using a multiplexed paper sensor with a smartphone interface A., Das S. , Chakraborty S. By Lab on a Chip 23 318-319 (2022)
  • Portable, Handheld and Affordable Blood Perfusion Imager for Screening of Sub-Surface Cancer in Resource-Limited Settings Bhowmik A., Ghosh B. , Pal M. , Paul R. R., Chatterjee J. , Chakraborty S. By Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 - (2022)
  • Molecular self-assembly Enables Tuning of Nanopores in Atomically Thin Graphene Membranes for Highly Selective Transport Jang D., Bakli C. , Chakraborty S. , Karnik R. By Advanced Materials 2108940- (2022)
  • Thermally Programmable Dynamic Capillarity in Nanofluidic Channels Grafted with Smart Elastomeric Layers Narayanaswamy B. T., Dasgupta S. , Chakraborty S. By Small 18 - (2022)
  • Electrical Power Generation from Wet Textile Mediated by Spontaneous Nano-Scale Evaporation Das S. S., Pedireddi V. M., Bandopadhyay A. , Saha P. , Chakraborty S. By Nano Letters 7191-7200 (2019)
  • Instrument-Free Single-Step Direct Estimation of Plasma Glucose Level from one Drop of Blood Using Smartphone-Interfaced Analytics on a Paper Strip Biswas S. ., Chatterjee S. , Laha S. , Pakira V. , Som N. K., Saha S. , Chakraborty S. By Lab on a Chip 22 4666-4679 (2022)
  • Smartphone-integrated label-free rapid screening of anaemia from the pattern formed by one drop of blood on a wet paper strip Laha S., Bandopadhyay A. , Chakraborty S. By ACS Sensors 7 2028-2036 (2022)
  • Electrokinetics with paper-and-pencil devices P. Mandal, R. Dey, S. Chakraborty By Lab on a Chip 12 - (2012)

Principal Investigator

  • "A hand-held blood perfusion imager for the detection of oral pre-cancer and cancer" - Licensed Technology
  • A hand-held blood perfusion imager for the detection of oral pre-cancer and cancer
  • A Paper-And-Pencil - Based Diagnostic Kit for Simultaneous Detection of One or Multiple Analytes (covered by the filed patent identifier number 701/KOL/2015)
  • A Paper-And-Pencil- Based Diagnostic Kit for Simultaneous Detection of One or Multiple Analytes (covered by the filed patent identifier number 701/KOL/2015)
  • Affordable Point-of-Care MRI system for applications in India
  • An integrated portable detector for quantitative detection of multiple parameters (such as temperature, pulse rate, oxygen saturation) via non-invasive acquiring and processing of body signals
  • An Integrated Portable Detector for Quantitative Detection of Multiple Parameters (such as Temperature, Pulse rate, Oxygen Saturation) Via Non-invasive Acquiring and Processing of Body Signals
  • Centre of excellence for training and research in Microfluidics
  • Common Research and Technology Development Hub (CRTDH)
  • COVIRAP Technology Transfer to M/s Aspen Biomedical Private Limited, Rapid Diagnostic Group of Companies
  • COVIRAP Technology Transfer to Surbhi Satcom Pvt Ltd, a SURBHI Group Company, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh
  • Designing Pyridine-based Mono-and Diamniotic Pincers for Main Group Mediated Catalysis
  • Determination of Blood Hemoglobin Level using a Paper Strip Integrated with a Colorimetric Sensing and Readout Device
  • Development and Field-Adaptation of a Platform-Technology Device for Infections Disease Detection at Extreme Point of Care Settings
  • Development and Validation of Covid-19 Testing Method and Device
  • Development of a biofuel based liquid film microreactor for onboard hydrogen generation through non-catalytic reforming
  • Development of a multiplex portable spinning disc for effective monitoring of womens health during different stages of pregnancy
  • Development of a Nucleic Acid Based Low Cost Platform Technology for Real-Time Quantitative Diagnostics of Viral Infection Including Identification of Specific Strains at Point of Care (POC) in Resource-Limited Settings
  • Development of a POC plasma glucose assay with accuracy of gold standard by paper-based sensor
  • Development of Point of Care Nucleic Acid test for Detection of Viral Load in Real Time
  • Development of Rapid, Low Cost Isothermal Nucleic Acid Testing Devices with Colorimetric Readout
  • Electrically Modulated Dynamics of Soft-Particle Laden Complex Fluids in Deformable Microfluidic Capillaries
  • Estimation of Blood Hemoglobin on Paper using Smartphone
  • Healthcare technology adoption at Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) and Community Healthcare Centers (CHC)
  • Highly Parallelized Solver for Multiphase Micro-Hydrodynamics
  • Industry-Academia Collaborative Projects in the UAE
  • J C Bose Fellowship (Suman Chakraborty)
  • Laboratory development for the ICMR-DHR Center of Excellence on Healthcare
  • Licensed Technology for "A hand-held blood perfusion imager for the detection of oral pre-cancer and cancer"
  • National Centre for Clean Coal Research and Development
  • Paper based point of care devices for blood plasma glucose and haemoglobin level detection - Lab to market translation
  • Paper-based Microfluidics for On-chip Detection of Haemoglobin
  • Paper-based Microfluidics for On-chip Detection of Haemoglobin
  • Paper-strip based Smartphone Interfaced Portable Device for Diagnostic Testing using a Drop of Body Fluid (Covered by the Patent Filing Identifiers 201931030435 and 201931030430)
  • Pathology on a Spinning Disc
  • Point-of-care device for multiplexed detection of lung cancer biomarkers using an optical sensor and artificial intelligence
  • Quantitative Hematology and Biochemical Analysis from One Drop of Blood on a Portable Spinning Disc (covered by the filed patent id 202031011940)
  • Research and Development of Affordable MRI in the area of Point of Care Healthcare Devices for the rural downtrodden people in West Bengal and India as well
  • Research and Development of Leakproof Liquid Cooling Distribution Unit
  • Setting up of Remote Continuum of Care with Affordable Diagnostic Technology
  • Smartphone enabled paper-based Hemoglobin sensor for Extreme-Point-of-Care Diagnostics
  • Teaching and development of course materials in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and its application in the healthcare industry
  • Technology Enhanced Determination of Specialized Educational and Research Contents on Engineering and Healthcare
  • Technology enhanced dissemination of specialized educational and research contents on Engineering and Healthcare
  • Technology Transfer /Licensing for COVIRAP
  • Technology Transfer of (i) A point of Care (POC) Device for Facilitating Nucleic Acid Based Testing and Method Thereof (ii) System for estimation of plasma glucose by integrated paper-based device and method thereof (iii) Smartphone based blood hemoglobin estimation system
  • Technology Transfer/Licensing for COVIRAP
  • Technology-Driven Empowerment of Sundargarh Oral Cavity Cancer -Governance Moonshot Program
  • Thermographic System for Monitoring Blood Perfusion, and Metabolic Heat Generation, Method and Thermographic Device Thereof and its Applications for the Screening of Oral Cancer (covered by the filed the patent id 201831032157)
  • USHA: Urine Sense towards Health Analysis of Kidney

Co-Principal Investigator

  • 3D Printing and Directional Solidification of Aluminum-based Ternary Eutectic Alloy Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Assam Skill University (ASU) Management and Operating System Development KPMG ADVISORY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED
  • Comparative Assessment of the Neutralization Efficacy of Indigenous Vaccines against Prevailing Variants of Concerns of SARS-Cov-2 Circulating in India Indian Council of Medical Research, Dept. of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • Establishing a State-of the-Art Hybrid BSLIII Facility at IIT Kharagpur to Facilitate Fundamental Research and Development of Diagnostics and Therapeutics Against Class III Pathogen Caused Viral and Bacterial Diseases Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Nano-electronics Network for Research and Application (NNetRA)- IIT Kharagpur (MEITY Part) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  • Nano-electronics Network for Research and Applications (NNetRA)- IIT Kharagpur (DST Part) Department of Science and Technology (DST)
  • Non-Enzymatic Microfluidic Electrochemical Multiplex Sensor for Cost-Effective Soil Testing Indo-German Science & Technology Centre
  • Planar 2D heterojunctions between atomically thin dissimilar materials Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)

Ph. D. Students

Abhirup Chaudhuri

Area of Research: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

Amitabha Chattopadhyay

Area of Research:

Anindita Bhattacharya

Area of Research: Microfluidics

Aniruddha Guha

Area of Research: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics


Area of Research: Microfluidics for biochemical analysis

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Area of Research: Computational multiphase flows

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Area of Research: CFD for Biological Flows

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Area of Research: Numerical Modeling and Simulation

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Soumyadeep Das

Area of Research: Fluid mechanics and convective heat transfer

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Area of Research: Bioelectronic systems

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Area of Research: Microfluidics

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Area of Research: Microscale transport phenomena

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Area of Research: Microfluidics

MS Students

Arghya Mukherjee

Area of Research: Microfluidics

Sayantan Dawn

Area of Research: Biological Flows