Sushanta Kumar Panda


Mechanical Engineering



  • Coordinating Warden, HMC (Mess)

Research Areas

  • Plasticity and Constitutive Modeling
  • Tailor Welded Blanks and Hydroforming
  • Warm & Hot Forming of Advanced Materials
  • Formability Test and Characterizations
Research Area:

- Bulk & Sheet Metal Forming Processes
- Formability Test & Characterizations of Metals
- Plasticity & Constitutive Modeling for Metal Forming
- Tailor Welded Blanks & Hydroforming
- Warm & Hot Forming of Advanced Materials
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Principal Investigator

  • Development of Technology for Forming Tailor Welded Blanks of C103 Sheets

Ph. D. Students

Ananta Dutta

Area of Research: Friction stir welding and forming

Debolina Sen

Area of Research: Friction Stir welding

Dibya Ranjan Behera

Area of Research: Multistage deep drawing of sheet metal

Lin Prakash P. S.

Area of Research: deformation of electron beam welded titanium sheets

Pragya Rai

Area of Research: Materials processing-Joining

Prasun Kundu

Area of Research: Metal forming

Rahul Rakshit

Area of Research: Formability of Al alloy

Tanmoy Das

Area of Research: Composite materials processing

Tapas Mihir

Area of Research: