Biswajit Samanta


Mining Engineering



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  • Head, Mining Engineering

Research Areas

  • Geostatistics
  • Mine ventilation
  • Data Analytics, Machine Learning
Mine Planning including Orebody Modeling, Open Pit Optimization, Production Scheduling, Grade Control, and Mine Ventilation are my major areas of research. With the depletion of economic mineral resources gradually at shallower depth, Indian mineral industry is now facing the challenges of extraction of mineral deposit from deeper and larger deposit economically. An efficient and timely solution in this regard is desired by the mineral industry.  My research study focuses on how to: (i) develop a reliable orebody map, (ii) to derive effective open pit mine plan and extraction schedule of long range and short-range in nature so as to maintain economic viability of an open pit mining project, and (iii) to design effective grade control strategy.  Research contribution in these areas is provided  below:
  • -The research work related to orebody modeling focuses on the use of linear and non-linear geostatistics, and neural network modeling. Several funded research and consultancy projects, and PhD works are undertaken in this area.  Total 26 journals and 12 conference papers have been published in this area.
    -For pit optimization and production scheduling 3-D LG algorithm, network flow algorithm and Genetic algorithms have been used. Funded Research project, and software development works have been executed in this part of research work. Several  journal papers and conference papers have been published in this area. 
    -For grade control purpose, statistical quality control and blending models have been developed.  Research works have been published in reputed journals and  conference proceedings.Mine ventilation works has been specifically directed towards the determination of shock loss at shaft bottom junction, design of evasee, pressure and quantity survey and ventilation network analysis. Funded consultancy projects are undertakne and Research guidence have been provided in this area.   
  • A Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach for Optimizing Short-term Production Schedules of Multi-mine Mineral Value Chains Pathak P., Samanta B. By Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration 39 1403-1427 (2022)
  • Hydrodynamic Modeling of Subernarekha River and its Floodplain using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques Yarrakula K., Deb D. , Samanta B. By Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research 69 529-536 (2010)
  • An efficient algorithm for the precedence constraint knapsack problem with reference to large-scale open-pit mining pushback design Maiti N., Pathak P., Samanta B. By Mining Technology: Transactions of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 130 8-21 (2021)
  • A non-stationary geostatistical approach to multigaussian kriging for local reserve estimation Thakur M., Samanta B., Chakravarty D. By Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 32 2381-2404 (2018)
  • Non-Gaussian Copula Simulation for Estimation of Recoverable Reserve in an Indian Copper Deposit Dinda K., Samanta B. By Natural Resources Research - (2020)
  • Real Option Valuation of an Indian Iron Ore Deposit through System Dynamics Model Hazra T., Samanta B. , Dey K. By Resources Policy vol. 60 288-299 (2019)
  • Hyperspectral measurement technique based rapid determination of coal quality parameters of Jharia and Raniganj basin coal Mondal C., Pandey A., Kumar Pal S., Samanta B., Dutta D. By Infrared Physics and Technology 128 - (2023)
  • Stope boundary optimization for an underground copper deposit using mixed integer linear programming based algorithm Samanta G., Dey T., Samanta B., Sinha S. By Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels 69 73-80 (2021)
  • A v-transformed copula-based simulation model for lithological classification in an Indian copper deposit Dinda K., Samanta B., Chakravarty D. By Scientific Reports 12 - (2022)
  • Wavelet Thresholding-Based Despeckling of COSMO-SkyMed SAR Image Dey T.K., Samanta B., Chakravarty D., Misra A. By PFG - Journal of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science 88 319-336 (2020)

Principal Investigator

  • Dump and Pit Slope stability study for Dhirauli coal mine project, Singrauli Coalfield, M.P. Stratatech Mineral Resources Priavate Limited
  • Pit and Dump slope stability analysis for South Khliehjeri and Khliehjeri limestone Mines of Meghalaya Cements Meghalaya Cements Ltd.
  • Preparation of Blast Induced Vibration, Ground Vibration and velocity of fly rocks Study report in respect of Sanindpur Iron & Bauxite Mines of M/s Rungta Sons Pvt. Ltd. Rungta Mines Limited
  • Preparation of feasibility report for northward of west colliery, Chasnalla, SAIL collieries division BSL- COLLIERIES DIVISION
  • Quality Study of Geo-environmental Parameters Study at JPL, Tamnar for Gare Palma IV/2 and IV/3 OCCM JINDAL POWER LIMITED
  • Safety and Feasibility study report for filling of fly-ash in the mine voids and mixing with external dumps for Oraghat iron ore mine Rungta Sons Private Limited
  • Safety and Feasibility study report for filling of fly-ash in the mine voids and mixing with external dumps for Sanindpur Iron and Bauxite mines Rungta Sons Private Limited
  • Scientific and Auditing Study for Fly-Ash Management at JPL, Tamnar JINDAL POWER LIMITED
  • Scientific study of Slope stability of Dump with 25% Fly Ash and 75% Overburden materials at Gare IV/1 and 2/3 OCCM, Jindal Power Limited JINDAL POWER LIMITED
  • Short-term Mine Production Scheduling under Grade and Operational Uncertainties in Mineral Value Chain of Multiple Mines Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Extramural Research Division
  • Study on traffic movement due to proposed enhancement in production & dispatch of iron ore from Sanindpur iron and Bauxite mines of M/s Rungta Sons Pvt. Ltd. Rungta Mines Limited

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Design of Ventilation System for Gondkhari Mining Project ADANI POWER MAHARASHTRA LIMITED
  • Numerical modeling for stability analysis of flyash dyke for DBPower D B POWER LIMITED
  • Numerical Modelling for stability analysis of Ash Dyke at 2x600 MW Thermal Power Project of DB Power Limited, at Village Badadarha, Dist - Janjgir Champa, Chhattisgarh D B POWER LIMITED
  • Scientific and Auditing Study for Fly Ash Management at JSPL, Tamnar Jindal Steel and Power Ltd.
  • Scientific study for common boundary excavation plan for Noamundi Iron mines and Katamati Iron mines of Tata Steel Ltd. M/s. Tata Steel Limited, Noamundi
  • Scientific Study for Determination of SCAMP of Koithee Seam (R-III) at Satgram Project, Satgram-Sripur Area, ECL Eastern Coalfields Limited
  • Scientific Study of Dump Stability with 25% to 75% Mix of Fly ash and OB in Gare IV / 1, 2 and 3 OCM at Jindal Power Limited JINDAL POWER LIMITED
  • Technical Audit for fly ash disposal and Utilisation at Budge Budge and Southern Generating stations for Thermal plant of CESC Ltd. for the year 2022 CESC Limited
  • Technical audit for fly-ash disposal and utilization at Haldia Energy Limited HALDIA ENERGY LIMITED
  • Third-party sampling and analysis of coal at the unloading end of Anpara Thermal Power Station. UTTAR PRADESH RAJYA VIDYUT UTPADAN NIGAM LIMITED
  • Ventilation Study of Bangur Chromite Mines ODISHA MINING CORPORATION LIMITED

Ph. D. Students

Ajas A K

Area of Research: Ergonomics

Anchal Tripathi

Area of Research: Mine Planning

Ashish Kumar

Area of Research: Safety survillence

Bukka Samudram Pradeep Kumar Reddy

Area of Research: Encrypted Analytics

Krishna Dinda

Area of Research: Optimization in Mining

Monu Kumar

Area of Research: Mine Planning

Prabir Kumar Pradhan

Area of Research: Mine Planning and economics

Rahul Kumar

Area of Research: Mine Planning and economics

Rajarshi Bhattacharjee

Area of Research: Remote Sensing

Raktim Ghosh

Area of Research: Remote sensing and data analytics

Sanjoy Gorain

Area of Research: Mine Ventilation

Soumyadeep Paty

Area of Research: Mine Planning

Thota Anil Kumar

Area of Research: Rock Blasting