Sunita Mishra

Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Mining Engineering



Looking for Ph.D. Candidate with a background either in one of the following: Rock Mechanics, Structural Dynamics, Applied Mechanics or Machine Vibration. Interested students may email at smishra@mining.iitkgp.ac.in |


  • Assistant Warden, Asutosh Mukherjee Hall

Research Areas

  • Rock Dynamics
  • Numerical modelling in geomechanics
  • Machine Vibration (HEMM)
  • Blast Resistant Design
  • Rock and Tool Interaction
My present research focuses on the following:

1. Size Effect and Scale Effect in Brittle Materials: Rock, Concrete, Ceramics.
2. Experimental Techniques under Dynamic Loading
3. Rock Dynamics and Fracture Propagation in Rocks.
4. Artificial Intelligence in Rock Dynamics
5. Blast and Ballistic Loading.
6. Machine Vibration and Isolators
7. Rock and Tool Interaction

Anyone interested in the above-mentioned research areas are welcome to work with the Material Dynamics Research Group!
  • Gravity Blind Backfilling of Abandoned Underground Mine Voids Using Suitable Mix Proportion of Fill Materials and Method of Filling Roy R., Chakraborty S., Bisai R., Pal S.K., Mishra S. By Geotechnical and Geological Engineering - (2023)
  • High Strain Rate Response of Rocks under Dynamic Loading Using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar. Mishra S., Meena H. , Parashar V. , Khetwal A. , Chakraborty T. , Matsagar V. , Chandel P. , Singh M. By Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 36 531-549 (2018)
  • Characterization of Deccan Trap Rocks Through Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar. Mishra S., Chakraborty T. , Matsagar V. , Loukus J. , Bekkala B. By Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering 30 1-9 (2018)
  • Effect of loading characteristics and specimen size in split Hopkinson pressure bar test on high-rate behavior of phyllite Mishra S., Khetwal A., Chakraborty T., Basu D. By Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 22 - (2022)
  • Physical and Mechanical Characterisation of Metadolerite Mishra S., Chakraborty T. By Geotechnical and Geological Engineering - (2022)
  • Physio-Mechanical Characterization of Limestone and Dolomite for Its Application in Blast Analysis of Tunnels Mishra S., Yadav H., Chakraborty T., Kapuria S. By Journal of Engineering Mechanics 148 - (2022)
  • Dynamic Response of Two Extrusive Igneous Rocks Using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Test Mishra S., Chakraborty T., Seshagiri Rao K. By Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering 33 - (2021)
  • Characterization of Sandstone for Application in Blast Analysis of Tunnel. Mishra S., Chakraborty T. , Basu D. , Lam N. By Geotechnical Testing Journal 43 351-382 (2020)
  • Determination of High Strain Rate Stress-Strain Response of Granite for Blast Analysis of Tunnels. Mishra S., Chakraborty T. By Journal of Engineering Mechanics 145 1-23 (2019)
  • Dynamic Characterisation of Gneiss. Mishra S., Khetwal A. , Chakraborty T. By Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 52 61-81 (2019)

Principal Investigator

  • Development of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Device to Assess the Fracture Propagation in Rock Specimens
  • Scientific Study for Determination of RMR, Sodepur Area
  • Scientific study for prediction of subsidence and estimation of surface strain values by 3D numerical modelling for Goleti 1 & 1A incline mine of BPA area, SCCL
  • Scientific study on pit slope stability analysis of intermediate and final benches and OB dump slope stability analysis at RGOC1 RG3 area

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Development of an Unconventional Flapping-based Sediment-aeration System for the Brackish Water Aquaculture Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Ph. D. Students

Abhishek Mohapatra

Area of Research: Temperature Dependent Study on Rocks

Banothu Ramesh

Area of Research: Thermo mechanical characterisation

Durga Charan

Area of Research: Fluid-Structure Interaction

Iylaboina Jayanth

Area of Research: Rock Mechanics and Numerical Modelling

Rabin Kumar Samal

Area of Research: Fracture Propagation

Ranadeep Bhattacharjee

Area of Research: Rock Signal Processing