Pallab Banerji


Materials Science Centre




  • Chairman, House Allotment Committee
  • Member and Co-Principal Investigator, SPARC

Research Areas

  • Low dimensional semiconductor structures
  • Solar Energy
I have been working in the area of electronic materials with emphasis on III-V compound semiconductor nanostructures with an aim to tune the properties for specific applications in the field of optoelectronics and energy. Using MOCVD system, growth of quantum wells for fabricating 1.55 mm InGaAs/InP laser structure were undertaken. Expertise of fabricating quantum wells having well width as 19, 39, 78 and 150 Å and barrier of 300 Å are also available. As a continuation, further research on low dimensional structures such as quantum dots and quantum wires are now undertaken with the help of external funding for photovoltaic and memory applications. Studies on growth mode and heteroepitaxial growth is now prime objectives. At the same time, research on thermoelectrics are also started with an aim to develop materials for  thermoelectric generators for rural households to recover electricity from waste heat during their cooking. we have experimented with new ideas like impurity resonance, nanostructuring and carrier energy filtering in the area of thermoelectric to obtain enhanced power factor and thermoelectric efficiency.
  • Hydrothermally grown SnS2/Si nanowire core-shell heterostructure photodetector with excellent optoelectronic performances Das S., Pal S., Larsson K., Mandal D., Giri S., Banerji P., Chandra A., Basori R. By Applied Surface Science 624 - (2023)
  • GaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor based nonvolatile memory devices embedded with ZnO quantum dots Souvik Kundu, Sankara Rao Gollu, Ramakant Sharma, Nripendra Narayan Halder, Pranab Biswas, P. Banerji and D. Gupta By Journal of Applied Physics 114 - (2013)
  • Combined effects of indium nanoinclusion and Se-deficiency on thermoelectric performance of n-type indium selenide Dhama P., Kumar A., Banerji P. By Journal of Alloys and Compounds 901 - (2022)
  • Nitrogen and sulphur doped carbon dot: An excellent biocompatible candidate for in-vitro cancer cell imaging and beyond Ghosh T., Nandi S., Bhattacharyya S.K., Ghosh S.K., Mandal M., Banerji P., Das N.C. By Environmental Research 217 - (2023)
  • Studies on resistive switching characteristics of aluminum/graphene oxide/semiconductor nonvolatile memory cells S. Mahaboob Jilani, Tanesh D. Gamot, P. Banerji and S. Chakraborty By Carbon 64 - (2013)
  • Thermoelectric properties of PbSe0.5Te0.5: x (PbI2) with endotaxial nanostructures: a promising n-type thermoelectric material P. K. Rawat, B. Paul and P. Banerji By Nanotechnology 24 - (2013)
  • Design and Realization of Logic Gates or Functions Using Vertical TEFT Structures Rahaman M., Banerji P. By Silicon - (2022)
  • Intrinsically Freezing-Tolerant, Conductive, and Adhesive Proton Donor Acceptor Hydrogel for Multifunctional Applications Dutta A., Panda P. , Das A. , Ganguly D. , Chattopadhyay S. , Banerji P. , Pradhan D. , Das R. K. By ACS Applied Polymer Materials 4 7710-7722 (2022)

Principal Investigator

  • MOCVD growth and p-type doping of Ga2O3 for solar blind UV photodetector applications Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Formation of Double Percolated Conductive Networks (DPCN) and Segregated Structure with Ultra-low Carbon Nanostructure Filler Content in Thermoplastic Elastomers Vulcanizates (TPVs) with Improved Electrical Conductivity and Enhanced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding Effectiveness Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) MHRD
  • Sustainable Exploitation of Industrial Wastes in Rubber Composites for Isolators and Battery Packing in Electrical Vehicles Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

Ph. D. Students

Bidesh Mahata

Area of Research: Sensor

Hemant Kumar

Area of Research: Solar photovoltaics

Mirwaiz Rahaman

Area of Research: Electronic Materials

Roumita Hore

Area of Research: Smart rubber based new generation composites

Soumen Giri

Area of Research: Thermoelectric Materials

Sreeja Nath Chowdhury

Area of Research: Conductive thermoplastics Elastomer (TPE) and Thermoplastics Elastomer vulcanizates (TPV)

Suman Samanta

Area of Research: Semiconductor Materials

Trisita Ghosh

Area of Research: Carbon dot and sensors