Debalay Chakrabarti


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering




  • Associate Dean, Research & Development
  • Member and Co-Principal Investigator, SPARC
  • Co-Professor-in-Charge, Do It Yourself (DIY)

Research Areas

Research Group website link: https://sites.google.com/view/debalaychakrabarti/welcome

Research Areas:

I am a dedicated researcher on physical and mechanical metallurgy of Steel and my interest areas can be classified into the following broad categories:
(1) Development of microstructure and texture in steel during thermo-mechanical processing.
(2) Studying the effect of microstructure and texture on mechanical properties of steel: especially ductile-to-brittle transition behaviour and low-temperature toughness.
(3) Development of steel grades having high strength and high toughness.
(4) Characterization of macro- and micro-segregation in continuous cast slab and studying their effect on slab-reheating, rolling and final mechanical properties.
(5) Developing novel grain structures in low-carbon (ferritic) steels, such as, ultra-fine grain structure or bimodal grain structures, and evaluating their effect on the mechanical properties (primarily tensile properties and toughness).
(6) Understanding the role of so-called harmful inclusions, such as, TiN and MnS and precipitates in generating ductile and brittle fracture in steel and improving the mechanical properties in spite of the presence of large inclusions, by controlling the microstructure (through careful processing and heat-treatment).
(7) Studying the formation of various microalloy precipitates, such as, Nb(C,N), V(C,N), (Ti, Mo)C during hot-rolling, thermo-mechanical controlled rolling and also cold-rolling and annealing treatments of HSLA steels and evaluating the effect of those precipitates on the microstructure, texture and mechanical properties.
(8) Defect initiation and its control in metals and alloys.
  • Fundamental insights on ductile to brittle transition phenomenon in ferritic steel Barik R. K., Ghosh A. , Chakrabarti D. By Materialia 27 101667-101667 (2022)
  • Bridging microstructure and crystallography with the micromechanics of cleavage fracture in a lamellar pearlitic steel Barik R. K., Ghosh A. , Sk. M. B., Biswal S. , Dutta A. , Chakrabarti D. By Acta Materialia 214 116988- (2021)
  • Interactive Data-driven Multiobjective Optimization of Metallurgical Properties of Microalloyed Steels using the DESDEO Framework Saini B. S., Chakrabarti D. , Chakraborti N. , Shavazipour B. , Miettinen K. By Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 120 105918-105918 (2023)
  • Deformation-induced martensite transformation and variant selection in AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel during uniaxial tensile deformation Hasan S. M., Ghosh A. , Chakrabarti D. , Singh S. B. By Materials Science and Engineering A 872 144930-144930 (2023)
  • Recrystallization kinetics, precipitate evolution and grain refinement of Nb stabilized ferritic stainless steel for producing thicker plate/strip industrially Modak P., Chakrabarti D. , Mitra R. , Patra S. By Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 54 1024-1048 (2023)
  • Combining crystal plasticity and electron microscopy to elucidate texture dependent micro-mechanisms of tensile deformation in lath martensitic steel Chatterjee A., Basiruddin S. M., Ghosh A. , Mitra R. , Chakrabarti D. By International Journal of Plasticity 153 103251.1-103251.26 (2022)
  • Hot Deformation Behavior of EN30B Forged Steels in the Presence of Non-metallic Inclusions Singh V., Srirangam P. , Chakrabarti D. , Roy G. G. By Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 1-13 (2023)
  • Influence of local microstructure on the dislocation transference and micro-mechanical response in metastable fcc alloy Mandal A., Modak P., Sen M., Singh S.B., Chakrabarti D. By Journal of Materials Science 57 1390-1402 (2022)
  • Phenomenal Effect of Stable (Ti, Mo)C Nano-Sized Precipitates in Retarding the Recrystallization and Grain Growth in High-Strength Ferritic Steel Modak P., Mandal A., Gupta R., Karmakar A., Sarkar S.K., Ahlawat S., Haldar A., Mitra R., Neogy S., Biswas A., Chakrabarti D. By Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science 53 689-705 (2022)

Principal Investigator

  • Research on the Development of High-Strength Vanadium Microalloyed Steels for Structural Purpose Vanitec Limited

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Charge for XRD and FESEM at DHI CoE AMT Various Government and Non-Government Organisations
  • Evaluation of Mechanical Properties such as Tensile, Creep, LCF, KIC values of an Important Cast Ni Based Superalloy (BZL-12Y) Aeronautics R and D Board
  • Exploring the potential of rare earth elements (REE) as inclusion modifier towards the production of inclusion-critical special-grade low carbon micro-alloyed steel IREL (INDIA) LIMITED
  • Microalloyed Bainitic Steels with High Strength, Toughness and Fatigue Resistance for Auto Components Ramkrishna Forgings Limited,Department of Heavy Industries (DHI)
  • Non Metallic Inclusions (NMI) and its Control, New Steel Products through Energy Efficient EAF at HEC Department of Heavy Industries (DHI) ,Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited
  • Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) MHRD
  • Study of crack growth mechanism of nickel base super alloy GTM Su 718 under constant load at elevated temperature Defence Research and Development Orgn. (DRDO)

Ph. D. Students

Amir Hasan

Area of Research: Effect of Silicin on Nickel based superalloys

Ankita Bhattacharya

Area of Research: Development of high strength - higth toughness steels for strategic applictaions

Anmol Bakshi

Area of Research: Damage evolution during deformation in metallic alloys

Anupam Kundu

Area of Research: Electron Beam Welding

Khilesh Kumar Bhandari

Area of Research: Effect of local microstructure on the mechanical properties of steel

Kumar Aniket Anand

Area of Research: Processing, microstructure, and property relationship in Vanadium microalloyed structural steels

N Surya Prakash

Area of Research: Steel in biomedical application

Pongurusenthil P

Area of Research: Microstructure-toughness relationship in High Strength Bainitic Steel

Rakesh Kumar Barik

Area of Research: The temperature and strain-rate sensitivity of the mechanical behaviour of ferritic steel

Rejeesh R

Area of Research: Study on the impact toughness and fracture toughness of high-strength steels

Sankalp Biswal

Area of Research: Fatigue crack propagation in high temperature materials

Swarnalata Behera

Area of Research: Microstructure, texture, mechanical property relationship in high-carbon steel