Shiv Brat Singh


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering




  • Chairman, Steel Technology Centre
  • Associate Dean, Faculty of Bio-Technology and Bio-Sciences (BTBS)

Research Areas

  • Physical metallurgy of steel
Area of work:Physical Metallurgy of steels, Phase Transformations, Thermomechnical simulation  

My research activities focus on understanding the phase transformation behaviour in steels.    This knowledge is then used to design and develop new steels or to optimise the process to obtain the desired microstructure and properties. Specific reserach areas include: Mechanism of baintie transformation in steels, TRIP aided steel, Bake hardening, High strength bainitic and multi-phase steels 
  • Development of continuously cooled low-carbon, low-alloy, high strength carbide-free bainitic rail steels Hasan S. M., Ghosh M. , Chakrabarti D. , Singh S. B. By Materials Science and Engineering: A 771 138590-138601 (2020)
  • Orientation Dependence of Deformation-Induced Martensite Transformation During Uniaxial Tensile Deformation of Carbide-Free Bainitic Steel Hasan S. M., Ghosh A. , Chakrabarti D. , Singh S. B. By Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51A 2053-2063 (2020)
  • A Descriptive Model on the Grain Size Dependence of Deformation and Martensitic Transformation in Austenitic Stainless Steel A., S. , M. , S. , Singh S. B., Chakrabarti D. By Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51 3886-3905 (2020)
  • Bending induced anisotropy in properties: A mechanistic study A., B. , K. , B. , Deb A. , Singh S. B., Chakrabarti D. By Materials Science and Engineering A 788 139521- (2020)

Principal Investigator

  • Design of Thermal - Cycle for Continuous Annealing Line to Develop AHHS like Cold Rolled Dual Phase and Complex Phase Steels
  • Development of Boron, High Carbon and Electrode Quality Grades of Steel and Improvement in Quality of Forging Grades of Steel and Spring Steel
  • Testing of metallic materials

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Developing new Dephosphorization fluxes for hot metal pre-treatment stage and designing new mould fluxes for casting of high Ti containing steels using waste residues from Aluminum Industry Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Grain Boundary and Magnetic Domain Interaction in Oriented Bulk Magnetostrictive Fe-Ga Alloy Naval Research Board (NRB)

Ph. D. Students

Aman Jyoti Shukla

Area of Research: Processing-Microstructure-Texture-Property relationship of Mg alloys

B Mohan Rao

Area of Research: High strength bainitc steels for automotive applications

Golla Veerappagari Suresh

Area of Research: high strength steels

Juhi Srivastava

Area of Research: Aerospace alloy

Jyotiranjan Pany

Area of Research: high strain rate flow behaviour of steels

K Poorna Chander

Area of Research: Hydrogen embrittlement of steels

Kamal Kumar Gupta

Area of Research: Advanced High Strength Steel for Automotive Application

Kumar Karuna Nidhi

Area of Research: evolution of microstructure in cast irons and their charaterisation using ultrasonic testing

Poojari Govardhana

Area of Research: Physical Metallurgy of high strength corrosion resistant steel

Rajani Jaiswal

Area of Research: Physical metallurgy of steels

Sarbari Ganguly

Area of Research: Evolution of microstructure in AHSS like dual phase and complex phase steels

Sarojini Sahu

Area of Research: Thermo-mechanical processing

Sen Amitava Dhrubadas

Area of Research: Surface engineering of tool steel

Vinit Kumar Singh

Area of Research: Physical metallurgy of steels