Shivakiran B N Bhaktha

Associate Professor




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Research Areas

  • Random Lasers
  • Optofluidics
  • Photonic Crystals
  • Microresonators
'Photonic Systems Laboratory'
We work in the area of ORDERED and DISORDERED Photonics. Periodic and random structures are fabricated and studied in our lab to understand the behaviour of light in these systems, and also for the development of photonic devices. 
Some of our primary research interests include:
- Random Lasers
- Photonic Crystals
- Plasmonics
- Glass Photonics
- Optofluidics
- Micro-resonators
- Nonlinear Optics
- Photonic Devices and Sensors
  • Bloch Surface Waves and Internal Optical Modes-Driven Photonic Crystal-Coupled Emission Platform for Femtomolar Detection of Aluminum Ions Bhaskar S., Das P., Srinivasan V., Bhaktha B. N. S., Ramamurthy S.S. By Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 7341-7352 (2020)
  • Optofluidic random laser Shivakiran Bhaktha B.N., Nicolas Bachelard, Xavier Noblin, Patrick Sebbah By Appl. Phys. Lett. 101 - (2012)
  • Random laser spectroscopy and replica symmetry breaking phase transitions in a solvent-rich polymer thin film waveguide Choubey P.S., Sarkar A., Varshney S.K., Bhaktha S.B.N. By Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics 37 2505-2513 (2020)
  • Origin of light scattering in dye doped polymeric waveguides and the dependence of excitation geometry on coherent random lasing Choubey P., Ojha N N S. , Ghosh S. , Varshney S. K., Bhaktha Bn S. By J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 53 245104- (2020)
  • Replica Symmetry Breaking in a Weakly Scattering Optofluidic Random Laser Sarkar A., Bhaktha B.N.S., Andreasen J. By Scientific Reports 10 - (2020)
  • Effect of Laser Irradiation on Graphene Oxide Integrated TE-Pass Waveguide Polarizer Ghosh S., Mandal D. , Chandra A. , Bhaktha Bn S. By Journal of Lightwave Technology 37 2380-2385 (2019)
  • Optical Tamm state aided room-temperature amplified spontaneous emission from carbon quantum dots embedded one-dimensional photonic crystals Das P., Mukherjee S., Wan M., Ray S.K., Shivakiran Bhaktha B.N. By Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 52 - (2019)
  • Effect of Photonic Stop-band on the Modes of a Weakly Scattering DCM-PVA Waveguide Random Laser Sarkar A., Ojha N. , Bhaktha Bn S. By Appl. Phys. Lett. 110 251104- (2017)
  • Signatures of periodicity and randomness in the angular emission profile of a 2-D on-average periodic optofluidic random laser Anirban Sarkar, Shivakiran Bhaktha B. N. By Optics Letters 40 - (2015)
  • Mono- to few-layered graphene oxide embedded randomness assisted microcavity amplified spontaneous emission source Pratyusha Das, Rishi Maiti, Prahalad K. Barman, Samit K. Ray and Shivakiran Bhaktha B.N. By Nanotechnology 27 - (2016)

Principal Investigator

  • Design and development of optical interconnects
  • Development of Random Laser Spectroscopy as a Probe to Study the Evolution of Polymer Thin Films

Co-Principal Investigator

  • On-Chip Nanophotonic Sources: Stabilized Frequency Comb and Plasmonic Microcavit Sources Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  • On-Chip Nanophotonic Sources: Stabilized Frequency Comb and Plasmonic Microcavit Sources Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  • Solid State Quantum Optical Devices using 2D Materials MHRD-STARS

Ph. D. Students

Ladli Patra

Area of Research: Nanophotonics

Monica Pradhan

Area of Research: Experimental photonics

Purna Pal

Area of Research: Photonics

Renu Yadav

Area of Research: Waves in Ordered and Disordered Media

Rina Mudi

Area of Research: Photonic Crystal

Sarbojit Mukherjee

Area of Research: Optical Technologies for Mines

Somnath Pandit

Area of Research: Photonic Sensors

Subhajit Dutta

Area of Research: Photonics

Sudha Maria Lis S

Area of Research: Photonics

Susovan Giri

Area of Research: Complex Photonics

Veeraghattam Bhargavi

Area of Research: sensing