Poornachandra Sekhar Burada

Associate Professor




Looking for Ph.D. students (Theory and Simulations) in the fields of Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Soft-Condensed Matter Physics, and Fluid Mechanics. |


  • Warden, Patel Hall

Research Areas

  • Soft Matter Physics
  • Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
  • Low-Reynolds number Hydrodynamics
  • Computational Physics

My research interests are broadly in the areas of Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Soft matter Physics, and Fluid Mechanics.
The research topics are :

(i) Diffusion of Brownian particles in confined environments

(ii) Active motion: swimming of microorganisms and artificial self-propelled bodies

(iii) Response of self-propelled bodies to external gradients (Chemotaxis)

(iv) Hydrodynamics of active droplets under various conditions

(v) Dynamic response of protein molecules to external radiation

  • Separation of interacting active particles in an asymmetric channel Gupta A., Burada P. S. By Physical Review E 108 034605- (2023)
  • Effective medium model for a suspension of active swimmers Dhar A., Burada P. S., Raja Sekhar G. P. By Physics of Fluids 33 1-12 (2021)
  • Hydrodynamics of a slip-stick sphere with a non-axisymmetric patch Biswas S., Burada P. S., Raja G. P. By Phys. Fluids 35 033613- (2023)
  • Chemotaxis of two chiral squirmers Maity R., Burada P. S. By Phys. Fluids 35 043611- (2023)
  • Magneto-Electric Supercapacitors Chowdhury A., Biswas S. , Dhar A. , Halder J. , Mandal D. , Burada P. S., Chandra A. By Handbook of Nanocomposite Supercapacitor Materials IV. Springer Series in Materials Science. 265-294 (2023)
  • Diffusion of chiral active particles in a Poiseuille flow Khatri N., Burada P. S. By Phy. Rev. E 105 024604- (2022)
  • Hydrodynamics of chiral squirmers Burada P. S., Maity R. , Jülicher F. By Phy. Rev. E 105 024603- (2022)
  • Near- and far-field hydrodynamic interaction of two chiral squirmers Maity R., Burada P. S. By Phys. Rev. E 106 054613- (2022)
  • Unsteady chiral swimmer and its response to a chemical gradient Maity R., Burada P. S. By Journal of Fluid Mechanics 940, A 13 1-20 (2022)
  • Mass separation in an asymmetric channel Khatri N., Burada P. S. By Phy. Rev. E 104 044109- (2021)

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Development of Random Laser Spectroscopy as a Probe to Study the Evolution of Polymer Thin Films Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

Ph. D. Students

Ankit Gupta

Area of Research: Diffusive behaviour of self-propelled bodies

Rahul Sinha

Area of Research: Active Matter

Ruby Shakya

Area of Research: Low Reynolds number hydrodynamics

Shiba Biswas

Area of Research: Hydrodynamics of self-propelled bodies