Bhaskar Bhowmick

Associate Professor

Rajendra Mishra School of Engg Entrepreneurship



Research Areas

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Technology transfer
  • Small Business Sustainability Issues
  • Bottom of Pyramid and Rural Marketing
Research Areas:

Primary focus of my thesis related research is on understanding the firm environmental developments, discontinuities and uncertainties while documenting strategic responses by the start-up firms, exhibiting micro-foundations of dynamic capabilities. The area extends to the role of leaders and leadership through learning and unlearning processes in creating new paradigms. The emerging country developments promise considerable potential for research materials in this domain.
The recent engagements with Government of India projects and institutional linkages inspire application-based research exploring Innovation in Constrained Environment. The idea includes identifying and facilitating inclusive Grass-root Innovation and Appropriate Technology development towards Co-creating potential networking for sustainable development. The Techno-Entrepreneurial- Leadership Lab engages with student, faculty, and start-up entrepreneurs in facilitating their journey and bringing lessons to academics through classroom discussions and research articles.
The research in Innovation and Entrepreneurship includes examining the domain of Innovation Ecosystem in an Emerging country context. Present research initiatives focus on identifying, conceptualizing and modelling Technology Entrepreneurship. The engagement expects larger involvements in the domain where government and non-government initiatives explore opportunities for Digital transformation identifies new roles of innovation in supporting the nation's objectives.

Finally the issue of 'Sustainability' leads the theme of research. Although the construct encompasses a vast field of research, the  challenges faced by the Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises to respond to this environmental demand with the constrained resource situation will be the thread to follow. The advancement of technology especially Industry 4.0 may facilitate the transition of sustainable development led by the small business houses may be special interest of investigation.
  • Perceived Environmental Uncertainty for Start-ups: A Note on Entrepreneurship Research in Indian Perspective Ghosh S., Bhowmick B. By Technology Innovation and Management Review 4 - (2014)
  • Grassroots innovation and entrepreneurial success: Is entrepreneurial orientation a missing link? Singh S., Bhowmick B. , Sindhav B. , Esley D. By Technological Forecasting and Social Change 1-17 (2019)
  • Determining appropriateness for management of appropriate technology: an empirical study using factor analysis Patnaik J., Bhowmick B. By Technology Analysis and Strategic Management 34 125-137 (2021)

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Air Quality Monitoring Prototype Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  • Air Quality Monitoring Prototype Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  • Assam Skill University (ASU) Management and Operating System Development KPMG ADVISORY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED

Ph. D. Students

Abhijit Kirtunia

Area of Research: Mergers and Acquisitions in Pharmaceutical Industry

Aftab Alam

Area of Research: Technology Intervention and Startup sustainability in Emerging Country perspective

Ajit Kumar Pasayat

Area of Research: Technology Value Chain and Sustainability for start-ups

Arpita Ghatak

Area of Research: Social Enterprise: Searching a Sustainable Model.

Bamacharan Kole

Area of Research: Technology Strategy and Sustainability

Rimpa Pal

Area of Research: Sustenance and Sustainability of Firms: Human Resource Perspective

Sachin Kumar Malik

Area of Research: Sustainability of Start-ups and Circular Economy

Sanyka Banerjee

Area of Research: Empirical Study on Technology and Innovation in Bottom of the Pyramid Segment

Somdutta Banerjee


Sruthi Kannan

Area of Research: Digitization and Tech Entrepreneurship

Sumit Kumar Biswas

Area of Research: Mitigating Uncertainty and Risk in Project Management