Ram Babu Roy

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Rajendra Mishra School of Engg Entrepreneurship




  • Assistant Warden, B R Ambedkar Hall

Research Areas

His research interests include modelling and simulation of emergent complex networked systems, business analytics, computer vision, and healthcare operations management. He is involved in research on modeling and analysis of complex networks and improving the performance of Indian healthcare systems. He has published his research in international journals and conferences.
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  • Co-Principal Investigator

Ph. D. Students

Abhik Kr Sarbajna

Area of Research: Data Analytics

Abhisek Chowdhury

Area of Research: Healthcare Analytics

Anneswa Bose

Area of Research: Social Media Marketing

Bidyut Saha

Area of Research: Spatiotemporal Data Analytics

Chandrachur Chatterjee

Area of Research: Smart Biomedical Systems

Medha Nag

Area of Research: Digital Image Processing using Machine Learning

Piyush Kumar Dongre

Area of Research: Digital Image Processing using Soft Computing

Prasanta Kr Sen

Area of Research: IOT and Signal Processing Application