Nikhil Kumar Singha


Rubber Technology




  • Warden, Azad Hall

Research Areas

The research activities of my group are as follows:
  • Tailor-made functional polymers and  elastomers via controlled polymerization and “Click” reactions.
    Smart self-healing, self-cleaning, super-hydrophobic, Shape-memory polymer materials
    Block, graft, brush-like, multi-armed star copolymers, bio-active functional polymers  and their composites based on polystyrene, polyacrylates and polyurethanes.
    Stimuli-responsive polymers, polyzwitterionic gels for bio-applications.
    Green & sustainable materials and process ((Ionic liquid as additive & solvent. synthesis of polymers / bio-elastomers from bio-feedstock, like glycopolymer, polymyrcene etc.)
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Principal Investigator

  • Analysis of Compounded Specialty Elastomers
  • Design and Application of Mechanophoric Smart Polymers
  • In Situ Modification of Emulsion Elastomers
  • Innovative Alternative Compounding in Fluoroelastomers
  • Novel Self-healable Elastomer Nanocomposite Based on Modified Graphene; Materials for the New Generation Automotive Application
  • Self-healing Elastomers (SHE) for Smart Tire Applications

Ph. D. Students

Aby Alex

Area of Research: Analysis and evaluation of properties on nano-structured polymer and its composites

Arunjunai Raja Shankar S

Area of Research: Polymerization in green solvent

Atif Ansari

Area of Research: Modification and processing of elastomers

Bhavya P.

Area of Research: Modification of Elastomers for application in tire

Jeevanandham Neethirajan

Area of Research: Tyre technology

Payel Maity

Area of Research: Polymer metal oxide composite; preparation and characterization

Ritabrata Ganguly

Area of Research: Functional polymer and characterization

Saikat Banerjee

Area of Research: Modification and processing of Specialty Elastomers

Shrabana Sarkar

Area of Research: Functional polymer synthesis and characterization

Shubham Verma

Area of Research: New polymers; design, properties and applications

Subhendu Pramanik

Area of Research: Designing a New Class of Functional Elastomer

Swadhin Chakraborty

Area of Research: Synthesis of new functional polymers and its applications

Tuhin Subhra Pal

Area of Research: Development of new functional polymer materials

Uddhab Kalita

Area of Research: Synthesis and applications of new polymers