Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Process Planning for Manufacturing and Assembly
Automation and Robotics
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Manufacturing Processes
Soft Computing techniques in Manufacturing
Soft Computing
Manufacturing Science
Surface technology
Systems and Control
Vehicle system dynamics
Rotor dynamics
Nonlinear Mechanics
System Dynamics and Controls
Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
Fluid Mechanics
Design and characterization of high dielectric constant electroactive polymers
Failure analyses of nanostructured thermal spray coatings
Composite mechanics
Metal plasticity
Thermal science
Natural refrigerant based transcritical heating cooling systems
Thermodynamic optimization
Natural circulation loops (NCLs)
Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer
Hydrodynamic and thermal instability
Spectral methods in fluid dynamics
Non-Newtonian fluid dynamics
Manufacturing Process Modelling and Simulation
Nonlinear Elasticity
Dynamical Systems
Machining and Grinding
Cutting Tool Coating
Laser material interaction and processing
Underwater laser processing
Nontraditional manufacturing processes
Refrigeration & air conditioning
Metal hydride based energy conversion systems
pressure drop in gas solid flow
Sheet metal forming
Bulk forming
Formability test design and development
Theory of plasticity for metal forming
Laser and resistance spot welding of sheet metal
Applied mechanics
Surface Coating
Metal-Ceramic Joining
Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluidmechanics
Flow and Heat Transfer in Porous Media
Solar Energy Thermal Systems
Wave propagation
Dynamics of discrete and continuous systems
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
Interfacial Phenomena
Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Finite Element Analysis
Machine Design
Energy Engineering
Laser processing of materials
Micro manufacturing
Nonconventional manufacturing
Rapid prototyping
Smart Structures
Composite Structures
Fluid-structure interaction
Active constrained layer damping
Thermal Engineering
Gas-liquid two phase flow- instrumentation and hydrodynamics
CFD for multiphase flow
Nano fluids
Thermo hydraulics of nuclear reactors
Liquid-liquid two phase flow
Experimental thermo-fluid science
Tribology Bio-Tribology Nano-Tribology
Mechanical and Fluid Power Transmission and Gear Engineering
cutter design and manufacture for CTC machine (tea leaf cutting)
Rapid prototyping with curved layers - CLFDM (Curved layer fused deposition modeling)
CNC machining of free form (curved) surfaces
Direct slicing (without tessellation) for Rapid prototyping
Machinery Cindition Monitoring
Acoustics and Noise Control
Underwater Acoustics