In order to provide opportunity for a larger section of our highly talented students to take up niche specializations from other / interdisciplinary programs, IIT Kharagpur has initiated the concept of Micro-Specializations. This is offered by departments, centres, schools including those who do not run undergraduate programs and can also be jointly offered. A Micro-Specialization is a smaller and more compact but niche topic and requires a student to do a foundation course and two/three courses and/or a project. It is possible to pursue a Micro-Specialization without the need to take too many additional courses by properly utilizing the elective slots.

Currently 14 Micro-specializations addressing a range of topics of immediate national relevance like Bio-energy, Industrial Safety Engineering to Intellectual Property Right are offered to the Under Graduate Students. Over 300 students across various disciplines have enrolled for the Micro-Specializations. The plan is to take this on to about 30 to even 50 such options. These will range from s covering a wide range of areas of relevance today and use the unique diversity of academic units and research capability of IITKGP. It will enable our students to pursue their multifaceted talent in disciplines which they might not have been able to get through JEE or department change and will enhance their capability for future research and employment. We look forward to unleash our student potential and make it possible for them to engage in cross-disciplinary programmes.