Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship (RMSoEE) founded at IIT Kharagpur in the year 2010 offers a 5 year integrated dual degree with M. Tech in Engineering Entrepreneurship and B. Tech in an Engineering discipline. The program aims to encourage entrepreneurial minds of the engineering students and promotes strong entrepreneurial culture and ecosystem for venture creation and early start-ups. The students selected through the JEE for B. Tech or Dual Degree M. Tech in any engineering department can opt for this program from their second year of study according to the department changer-over rules. Such program at a dedicated academic unit for the first time provides the opportunity for engineering undergraduate students to design a product while pursuing their academic degree during the entire period of study (5 years) for a dual degree.

The curriculum has been designed to give the students an opportunity to develop their own creative skills while applying principles of management, marketing, and finance to the challenges of starting a new business, growing a business, or managing a family business. The School is equipped with Innovation Lab for ideation and innovative thinking from second year onwards. They work on their innovative idea to convert it into product initializing from ideation, opportunity recognition, B-plan development, and product design and prototype development. The various funding structure available in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at IIT Kharagpur provides them the flexibility of building and testing their prototypes.

The students are mentored individually by a faculty and a successful entrepreneur in order to transform his/her idea to a successful, techno-commercially viable product or a process. Spearheaded by a number of fellows from IIMs and doctorates from IITs among its faculty, the School also runs a vibrant Doctoral/MS Program aimed to bridge the intellectual gaps in the relevant interdisciplinary studies related to innovation and entrepreneurship literature. It enriches the value of knowledge in the domain of management, technology intervention and transfer, and overall ecosystem development for innovation and entrepreneurship.