Fees and Scholarships

Fees (in Rupees)

Course of Study Semesters Caution Money & Deposits One Time Fee Semester Fee Scholarship / Assistantship
B.Tech., Dual Degree (upto 4th year) 8 4000 2300 15600 2100 A
B.Arch, Integrated M.Sc. 10 4000 2300 15600 2100 A
2 year M.Sc. 4 4000 2300 5100 2100 A
Duar Degree (5th year) 2 - - 4700 2200 B
M.Tech, MCP 4 4000 1500 4700 2200 C
MMST 6 4000 1500 4700 2200 D
Ph.D. * 4000 1500 4700 2200 E
MS * 4000 1500 4700 2200 -
MBA 4 - - 45000 -
LLB 6 - - 50000 -

* Registration of a Ph.D. student remains valid for a period of 8 years, i.e. 16 semesters, within which he can submit his thesis. However, the assistantship is given only for 4 years, i.e. 8 semesters(3 years for Ph.D students under QIP program).

Students admitted prior to July 2005 and staying in Institute accommodation including SRIC project-staff quarters, ZH residential apartments, Gokhale Hall of residence, Rader Flats of those staying outside will pay Rs.750/- (instead of Rs.3,700/-) per semester towards hostel establishment charges (HEC) No hostel overhead charges will levied on this category of students.

All students staying in a hall of residence with messing facility (AZ, NH, PH, RK RP, LLR, VS, MS, JCB, HJB, MMM, BCR, SN, IG, MT) will pay Rs.6000/- every semester towards advance mess charges (To be adjusted against the actual mess bill of the student at the end of every semester)

The subscriptions for student insurance under "UNI STUDY CARE" scheme is Rs. 696/- payable per annum.

Assistantship and Scholarships

A Merit-cum-means scholarship of Rs.1000/- per month and a tuition fee waiver is awarded to 25% of students admitted under B.Tech, B.Arch, Dual Degree, Integrated M.Sc. and 2 year M.Sc program on fulfillment of prescribed Merit / Means criteria.
B Students admitted to Dual Degree program are provided scholarships at par with B.Tech. students upto 4th year and at par with M.Tech in their 5th year upon fulfillment of prescribed norms.
C The Institute awards assistantship of Rs.5000/- per month and a contingency grant of Rs.5000/- per year to M.Tech. and MCP students. Students under QIP program get assistantship of Rs.2500/- per month and a contingency grant of Rs.3000/- per year.
D The Institute awards assistantship of Rs.10000/- per month to MMST students.
E The Institute awards assistantship of Rs.8000/- per month for first two years and Rs.9000/- for next two years to those Ph.D. students who join the program after B.Tech./M.Sc. degree. Those having an M.Tech. or equivalent gets Rs.9500/- for first two years and Rs.10000/- for next two years. The Contingency grant for Ph.D. students is Rs.20000/- per year. Ph.D. students under QIP program get Rs.6000/- per month for first two years Rs.6400/- for the third year and a contingency grant of Rs.10000/- per year.

In addition to regular scholarships, the Institute also offers: