Sunil Manohar Dash

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Aerospace Engineering




  • Assistant Warden, Rajendra Prasad Hall
  • Program Officer, NSS

Research Areas

My present research focus is mainly on studying the flapping aerodynamics in application to MAVs and UWVs using computational and experimental techniques. Some of my other research interests are: Design and development of bioinspired flow separation control devices; Development of IB-LBM numerical technique to study fluid-solid interactions, particle sedimentation and heat transfer problems; Experimental fluid mechanics, flow visualizations and measurements.   
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Principal Investigator

  • Development and simulation of low-speed mixer propeller for various mixing applications in STP EUROTECK ENVIRONMENTAL PRIVATE LIMITED
  • Development of an Unconventional Flapping-based Sediment-aeration System for the Brackish Water Aquaculture Department of Science and Technology (DST)
  • Investigation of the Aerodynamic and Propulsive Performance of the Single and Tandem Leading-Edge Tubercle Flapping Airfoils for Novel Underwater Vehicle Design Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

Ph. D. Students

Biswajit Tripathy

Area of Research: Guidance of Aerospace Vehicles

Durga Charan

Area of Research: Fluid-Structure Interaction

Pinapatruni Gangadhar Venkata Ramana

Area of Research: Flapping Aerodynamics

Rahul Ranjan

Area of Research: Fluid-Structure Interaction

Shuvranil Sanyal

Area of Research: Computational Fluid Dynamics

MS Students

Chavda Sahdev Dineshkumar

Area of Research: Flapping Aerodynamics