Tutan Ahmed

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Vinod Gupta School of Management



We are looking for an intern preferably with Computer Science background or with a good knowledge with coding. Intern will work on developing a portal and App for collecting data from a large labor force. Internship duration will be 6 month (extendable). This project is sponsored by CISCO. Please contact as quickly as possible as the project is about to start. | I am looking for an intern preferably with Economics background with expertise in Sampling Techniques, Survey Research Design. This project is on the measurement of standard of living and is sponsored by ISRO. Please contact ASAP. |


  • Program Officer, NSS

Research Areas

  • Applied Econometrics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Development Economics -Poverty, Gender
  • Labor Market - Migration, Training
  • Machine Learning and Econometrics
I left my industry job post my Engineering and I pursued my Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management with a desire to bring positive changes to the World, essentially to see a poverty/ hunger-free World in years ahead. I got exciting consulting opportunity with the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme and the Government of India, immediately after my Ph.D. I joined back academia to pursue my research interest, particularly in the area of education and labor market.

I am working to use machine learning, AI and deep learning to solve information asymmetry problems in the domain of education/ labor market and other prominent problems faced by the policy makers in day to day basis. I am also continuing my research with Government Dataset (mainly Nantional Sample Survey) in the area of vocational/ technical education and skill development in India.
  • Labor Market Analysis Using Big Data: A Case of A Pakistani Online Job Portal Matsuda N., Ahmed T. , Nomura S. By World Bank Working Paper Series - (2019)
  • Employment & Skill Requirement Forecasting for Regional Labor Market in India: Methodology with Traditional and Non-traditional Data Ahmed T. By 2nd-idsc-of-iza-cais-workshop-matching-workers-and-jobs-online - (2019)
  • Employment Growth/ Skill Requirement Estimation in India: A Non-Traditional Approach Ahmed T. By Australian Journal of Labor Economics, 21.3 (2019) - (2018)
  • Labor Market Outcome for Formal Vocational Education and Training in India: Safety Net and Beyond Ahmed T. By IIMB Mgt. Review 28 98-110 (2016)
  • Return to General Education and Vocational Education & Training in Indian context: Policy implications Ahmed T., Chattopadhyay R. By International Journal of Educational Management 30 370-385 (2016)
  • Socio-Economic Impact of VET: Are Students Interested in Joining Vocational Educa- tion and Training in India In the context of Skilling Mission in India Ahmed T. By India: Preparation for the World of Work 331-334 (2016)
  • U Shaped Curve for Job Search duration and Level of Education in India Ahmed T. By Indian Journal of Labor Economics 58 433-449 (2015)
  • Capacity Building in Indian education Ahmed T., Chaudhury A. , Han M. By Commodity Vision 4 14-22 (2010)
  • Decline of formal vocationally trained manpower in India during past decade- an explo- ratory analysis Ahmed T. By India: Science & Technology (vol.3) - (2014)
  • valuating an Institutional Shift in the Training Landscape of India: Application of Quasi-Experimental Methodology Ahmed T. By Conference/Seminar/Symposium/Workshop/Congress Evaluating an Institutional Shift in the Training Landscape of India: Application of Quasi-Experimental Methodology Ahmed T. 90th Annual Meeting of Southern Economic Association - (2020)

Principal Investigator

  • Developing Toolkit for introducing Machine Learning in Econometric Research ISIRD, SRIC
  • House, Road and Well-being Ã?Â?Ã?¢Ã?¢âÂ?Â?Ã?¬Ã?¢âÂ?¬Ã?Â? A Quasi-experimental Analysis of PMGSY and PMAY(G) on Household and Community Level Wellbeing INDIAN COUNCIL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH
  • Identification of reusable economic indicators using enhanced satellite imagery and multi modal multi tasking deep learning method SPACE APPLICATIONS CENTRE, Indian Space Research Organization
  • Structural Utility of Migrant Labor Network: Analyzing COVID Disrupted Labor Market Network in the Informal Sector CISCO University Research Program Fund

Ph. D. Students

Angela Sarkar

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Area of Research: Happy workspaces

Pankaj Kumar Swain

Area of Research: Banking

MS Students

Gohar Zahid Siddiqui

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