Aniruddha Sengupta


Civil Engineering



Research Areas

  • Unsaturated Soilmechanics
  • Soil-Structure Interaction
  • landslide mitigation
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Soil-Structure Interaction
Landslide Mitigation
  • Generation of Seismic Hazard maps for Assam region and incorporation of the Site effects Bandyopadhyay S., Parulekar Y. M., Sengupta A. By Acta Geophysica - (Accepted/In-Press)
  • Dynamic Properties of Fly Ash Chattaraj R., Sengupta A. By J. Materials in Civil Engineering - (2017)
  • Behavior of a combined piled raft foundation in a multi-layered soil subjected to vertical loading Bandopadhyay S., Sengupta A. , Parulekar Y. M. By Geomechanics and Engineering 21 379-390 (2020)
  • Study of the dynamic performance of a gabion wall Mummadisingh J.V., Sengupta A. By Structures 50 576-589 (2023)
  • An in-house code for studying the response of soil deposits in Mumbai city using 2-D equivalent linear and 1-D nonlinear approach Banerjee R., Bandyopadhyay S. , Singh T. , Sengupta A. , Reddy G. R., Coleman J. , Bolisetti C. By Geomechanics and Geoengineering 17 220-245 (2022)
  • Settlement behaviour of a pile raft subjected to vertical loadings in multilayered soil Banerjee R., Bandyopadhyay S. , Sengupta A. , Reddy G. R. By Geomechanics & Geoengineering An International Journal 1-15 (2020)
  • Study of a surface raft foundation in dry cohesionless soil subjected to dynamic loading Banerjee R., Sengupta A. , Reddy G. R. By Current Science 117 (11) 1800-1812 (2019)
  • Behavior of braced excavation in sand under a seismic condition: Experimental and numerical studies Konai S., Sengupta A. , Deb K. By Earthquake Engg. & Engg. Vibration 17 311-324 (2018)
  • Liquefaction Potential and Strain Dependent Dynamic Properties of Kasai River Sand Chattaraj R., Sengupta A. By Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 90 467-475 (2016)
  • Effect of rainfall on the triggering of the devastating slope failure at Malin, India Dey N., Sengupta A. By Natural Hazards 94 1391-1413 (2018)

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Design of Stone Column-Improved Soft Ground Considering Clogging Effect based on Long-Term Field Study Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Stabilization of the unstable zone between chainages 96.690 km and 96.860 km of NH 713 in Arunachal Pradesh NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED

Ph. D. Students

Dipika Choudhury

Area of Research: Ground Improvement

Mummadisingh Jyothi Visali

Area of Research: Geotechnical Engineering

Raj Banerjee

Area of Research: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Saurav Kumar

Area of Research: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Sinjan Debnath

Area of Research: Geotechnical Engineering

Tekkali Satya Durga Venkatesh

Area of Research: Ground Improvement