Monojit Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Chemical Engineering



Research Areas

  • Interfacial Phenomena
  • Liquid Thin Films
  • Microscale Heat Transfer
  • Microfluidics and microscale transport
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations
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  • Molecular Insights into the Effect of Crystal Planes on Droplet Wetting Chatterjee S., Singh A. , Chakraborty M. By Langmuir - (2023)
  • Magnetowetting of Ferrofluidic Thin Liquid Films Tenneti S., Subramanian S. , Chakraborty M. , Soni G. , Dasgupta S. By Scientific Reports 7 1-13 (2017)
  • Early-Stage Liquid Infiltration in Nanoconfinements Datta D., Agarwal A. K., Hu H. , Chakraborty M. , Dasgupta S. By Langmuir 39 3301-3311 (2023)
  • Molecular Investigation of the Actuation of Electrowetted Nanodroplets Pathak S., Chakraborty M., Dasgupta S. By Langmuir 38 3656-3665 (2022)
  • Molecular investigation of contact line movement in electrowetted nanodroplets Chakraborty D., Pathak S., Chakraborty M. By Langmuir 36 12580-12589 (2020)
  • Evaporation-Driven Micromixing in Sessile Droplets for Miniaturized Absorbance-Based Colorimetry Chandramohan A., Chakraborty M., Weibel J.A., Garimella S.V. By ACS Omega 4 22385-22391 (2019)
  • The Wetting State of Water on a Rose Petal Chakraborty M., Weibel J. A., Schaber J. A., Garimella S. V. By Advanced Materials Interfaces 6 1900652-(1-7) (2019)
  • Electro-dewetting and Wetting of an Extended Meniscus Subramanian S., Chakraborty M. , Tenneti S. , Dasgupta S. By Langmuir 34 9897-9906 (2018)
  • Tears of an evaporating methanol meniscus on a silicon substrate Chakraborty M., Weibel J. A., Garimella S. V. By Applied Physics Letters 118 083703- (2018)
  • Multiscale Modeling of Three-Dimensional Meniscus on Structured Surfaces Hu H., Chakraborty M. , Allred T. P., Weibel J. A., Garimella S. V. By Langmuir 33 12028-12037 (2017)
  • Co-Principal Investigator

Ph. D. Students

Archisman Ray

Area of Research: Transport phenomena

Deeptayan Datta

Area of Research: Interfacial Phenomena

K Prateekkumar R Kotegar

Area of Research: Microfluidics


Area of Research: Fluid Dynamics

Samyabrata Chatterjee

Area of Research: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

Soumya Biswas

Area of Research: Biomicrofluidics