Soumya Kanti Ghosh


Computer Science and Engineering



Research Areas

My research interests are in the areas of Spatial Informatics and Spatial Analytics. I lead a Spatial Informatics Group where we work on Geographic Information System, Spatial web services and interoperability, Location based services, Spatial interpolation, Spatial prediction, Human movement analysis using GPS traces, Spatial big data and Geo-spatial cloud. We closely work with Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, India for developing prototype for Spatial Data Infrastructure, Mobile GIS etc.
I am looking for talented and motivated post-docs and research scholars willing to work in the area of spatial informatics and spatial analytics.
  • Exploring the association between mobility behaviours and academic performances of students: a context-aware traj-graph (CTG) analysis Ghosh S., Ghosh S. K. By Progress in Artificial Intelligence 7 307-326 (2019)
  • Modeling of Human Movement Behavioral Knowledge from GPS Traces for Categorizing Mobile Users Ghosh S., Ghosh S. K. By 26th International Conference on World Wide Web (WWW-2017) 51-58 (2017)
  • FB-STEP: a fuzzy Bayesian network based data-driven framework for spatio-temporal prediction of climatological time series data Ghosh S. K., Das M. By Expert Systems with Applications 117 211-227 (2019)
  • PS-Sim: A framework for scalable data simulation and incentivization in participatory sensing-based smart city applications Barnwal R. P., Ghosh N. , Ghosh S. K., Das S. K. By Pervasive and Mobile Computing 57 64-77 (2019)
  • Data-driven approaches for meteorological time series prediction: A comparative study of the state-of-the-art computational intelligence techniques Das M., Ghosh S. K. By Pattern Recognition Letters 105 155-164 (2018)
  • Data mining based analysis to explore the effect of teaching on student performance Khan A., Ghosh S. K. By Education and Information Technologies 23 1677-1697 (2018)
  • FORWARD: A Model for FOrecasting Reservoir WAteR Dynamics using Spatial Bayesian Network (SpaBN) Das M., Ghosh S. K., Gupta P. , Chowdary V. , Nagaraja R. , Dadhwal V. By IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 29 842-855 (2017)
  • iFogSim: A toolkit for modeling and simulation of resource management techniques in the Internet of Things, Edge and Fog computing environments Gupta H., Dastjerdi A. V., Ghosh S. K., Buyya R. By Software: Practice and Experience 47 1275-1296 (2017)
  • BESTED: An Exponentially Smoothed Spatial Bayesian Analysis Model for Spatiotemporal Prediction of Daily Precipitation Das M., Ghosh S. K. By 25th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM SIGSPATIAL 2017) 1-4 (2017)

Principal Investigator

  • Attribute-based Access Control for Emergency Healthcare Management
  • BlockSpatial: A Blockchain-enabled Spatial Cloud Infrastructure for Secured Data Access over NSDI Spatial Cloud and NSDI National Data Registry (NDR)
  • IT Consultancy for National Insurance Company Limited
  • Unrestricted Grant by Flipkart

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Development of a cloud-based system for radiotherapy automatic segmentation and radiomic feature extraction Tata Medical Centre
  • Development of SDSS Tools for Addressing Emergency/Disaster Management KCSTC
  • GENERAL MOTORS ECS CRL FOR EDUCATION General Motors Technical Centre India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Integrated Telemedicine Solutions Softmed Technologies LLP
  • Telemedicine for rural healthcare: Upgrade of âÂ?Â?Matri SevaâÂ?Â? Telemedicine software of Ramakrishna Mission Home of Services Varanasi RAMAKRISHNA MISSION HOME OF SERVICE (RKMHOS)

Ph. D. Students

Alzara Sheikh

Area of Research: Spatial Data Analysis

Anusmita Ghosh

Area of Research: Pervasive Systems

Bharat Jayaswal

Area of Research: Spatial Data Science

Bidyut Saha

Area of Research: Spatiotemporal Data Analytics

Biswajeet Sethi

Area of Research: Cloud Computing, Data Analytics

Modiboyina Chaitanya

Area of Research: Low Power VLSI Design

Moumita Mishra

Area of Research: Spatial Informatics

Rahul Dasharath Gavas

Area of Research: Spatial Data Science

Riya Samanta

Area of Research: Spatial Informatics

Tanushree Garai

Area of Research: Transport Management

MS Students

Abhisek Chowdhury

Area of Research: Spatial Informatics