Debdoot Sheet

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Electrical Engineering


Deep Learning for Visual Computing Summer School 2017 (DLVC 2017) - |

Research Areas

My research areas include computational medical imaging, machine lerning, image and multidimensional signal processing, visualization and augmented reality. The focus is on understanding the physics of imaging and to leverage machine learning algorithms to characterize tissues using physics based models of energy-tissue interaction thus, laying foundations of in situ functional histology. In due course along with my students and collaborators, we have investigated behaviour of ultrasonic and optical imaging signals interacting with different types of tissues, both in normal and pathological or diseased states. These have led to development of patient comfort centric non-invasive solutions for in situ histology of atherosclerotic vascular plaques, breast lesion, skin, and retina of the eye. Currently, we are working on developing deep and transfer learning techniques for analyzing multimodal medical imaging signals, understanding surgical informatics and effective visualization of such processes through augmented reality for clinical translation of research findings on the bed to equip clinicians with technology to deliver patient-comfort centric care.
  • Designing Deep Neural High-Density Compression Engines for Radiology Images Raj A., Sathish R. , Sarkar T. , Sethuraman R. , Sheet D. By Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing 42 643-682 (2023)
  • Spatiotemporal Deep Networks for Detecting Abnormality in Videos Sharma M. K., Sheet D. , Biswas P. K. By Multimedia Tools and Applications 79 11237-11268 (2020)
  • Frame-level global context modeling for detection and localization of abnormality Sharma M. K., Kumar V. , Sheet D. , Biswas P. K. By Multimedia Tools and Applications 1-26 (2023)
  • Cholectriplet2021: A benchmark challenge for surgical action triplet recognition Nwoye C. I., Raviteja S. , Sathish R. , Balasubramanian V. , Sheet D. By Medical Image Analysis 86 102803--21 (2023)
  • I m GROOT: a multi head multi GRaph netwOrk recognizing surgical actiOn Triplets Raviteja S., Sathish R. , Agrawal R. , De U. , Chakrabarti P. P., Sheet D. By Thirteenth Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing 1-9 (2022)
  • Verifiable and Energy Efficient Medical Image Analysis with Quantised Self-attentive Deep Neural Networks Sathish R., Khare S. R., Sheet D. By 25th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) W. Affordable AI and Healthcare for Resource Diverse Global Health (FAIR 2022) 178-189 (2022)
  • CHAOS challenge-combined (CT-MR) healthy abdominal organ segmentation Kavur A. E., Sheet D. By Medical Image Analysis 69 101950-101950 (2021)
  • Local instance and context dictionary-based detection and localization of abnormalities Sharma M. K., Sheet D. , Biswas P. K. By Machine Vision and Applications 32 1-21 (2021)
  • Detection of Breast Cancer From Whole Slide Histopathological Images Using Deep Multiple Instance CNN Das K., Conjeti S. , Chatterjee J. , Sheet D. By IEEE Access 8 213502-213511 (2020)
  • IDRiD: Diabetic Retinopathy Segmentation and Grading Challenge Porwal P., Sheet D. By Medical Image Analysis 59 101561-101561 (2020)

Principal Investigator

  • Adani AI Research Fellowship Program Adani Enterprises Ltd.
  • AI-based CT Reconstruction for Low Dose, Low Resolution Scan Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Ph. D. Students

Abhishek Kumar

Area of Research: Medical image analysis, video processing, explainable models.

Abir Chowdhury

Area of Research: Medical imaging, Deep learning, Neuroimaging, Neuro information science

Alik Pramanick

Area of Research: Surgical information and audio-video event analysis

Anupam Borthakur

Area of Research: Federated Learning under Differential Privacy for Medical Imaging

Apoorva Srivastava

Area of Research: Biomedical Signal Processing

Ashraf Haroon Rashid

Area of Research: Multilinear Tensor Algebra for Deep Learning and Medical Imaging

Asim Manna

Area of Research: Deep Learning, Medical Imaging, Visual Hashing

Chinmay Kumar Behera

Area of Research: Deep Learning, Machine Vision, Industrial Process Monitoring

Dipayan Dewan

Area of Research: Neuro information science, Music cognition, Emotion analytics

Laveena Kewlani

Area of Research: Deep Learning, Federated Learning, Distributed Optimization

Maddimsetti Srinivas

Area of Research: Computational medical imaging and image analysis

Rachana Sathish

Area of Research: Computer assisted intervention, machine learning, medical image computing

Raj Krishan Ghosh

Area of Research: Computational ultrasonic imaging and deep learning

Seban James

Area of Research: Robotics

Sista Raviteja

Area of Research: Surgical Video Analytics and Surgical Informatics

MS Students

Rakshith Sathish

Area of Research: Explainable Deep Learning