Shivendu Ranjan

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Nano Science and Technology




  • Program Officer, NSS
  • Assistant Warden, Vikram Sarabhai residential Complex - 2 (Gents Block)

Research Areas

Nano-Bio Research Lab (NBRL)

We, are an interdisciplinary research group, working in translating nanotechnology for biomedical applications. NBRL is a new and developing group of members coming from a variety of backgrounds, including biotechnology, polymer technology, materials science, chemistry, physiology, and pharmacy. NBRL also include collaborative team of academicians, scientists, clinicians, and industry personnel. The following themes is the current focus of NBRL:

Nanomedicine and Drug / Gene Delivery
NBRL will be focussing on taking up the existing challenges in biomedical sector to develop prototypes / products / processes for nano-formulations for different drug / gene delivery. We are aiming on safely and efficiently translating new therapeutic agents from bench to bedside with the goal of improving human health.

Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine
At the current stage, NBRL is working on engineering nanomaterials for their possible applications in bone, wound, and inflammatory diseases. The interdisciplinary team of academicians, clinicians, industry personnel, and scientists are focussing to solve the challenge in collaboration.

Nanomaterials – Biomolecule Interaction
The nano–bio interactions will not only influence the function and fate of nano-formulations, but also affect the therapeutic behaviour of the formulation. Understanding the behaviour of nano-formulations in biological environment is also a focus of NBRL. NBRL is focussing to evaluate the basic mechanisms of the reactions at nanomaterial–biology (nano–bio) interfaces and find strategies to manipulate the nano–bio reactions for its biomedical applications.

Sustainable Nanotechnology
The additional approach of nano-BILY will be to engineer the nano-formulations for the efficient nutraceuticals with a focus to solve the nutritional deficiency in human health. Safe production and use of nanomaterials require effective risk management. For this purpose, we combine nano-related exposure and toxicity knowledge to develop processes and procedures for risk assessment and management of nanomaterials.
  • US Patent: Capillary type multi-jet nozzle for fabricating high throughput nanofibers (US20220090298A1) Ranjan S., Kumar M. , Kumar R. , Tiwari U. , Sachan S. , Patil S. By - (2022)
  • Multilayered nanofibrous scaffold of Polyvinyl alcohol/gelatin/poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) enriched with hemostatic/antibacterial agents for rapid acute hemostatic wound healing Pandey G., Pandey P. , Arya D. K., Kanaujiya S. , Gupta R. K., Kapoor D. D., Ranjan S. , Chidambaram K. , Manickam B. , Ps R. By International Journal of Pharmaceutics 638 122918-122921 (2023)
  • ECM Mimicking Biodegradable Nanofibrous Scaffold Enriched with Curcumin/ZnO to Accelerate Diabetic Wound Healing via Multifunctional Bioactivity Yadav S., Arya D.K., Pandey P., Anand S., Gautam A.K., Ranjan S., Saraf S.A., Rajamanickam V.M., Singh S., Chidambaram K., Alqahtani T., Rajinikanth P.S. By International Journal of Nanomedicine 17 6843-6859 (2022)
  • Development of food-grade antimicrobials of fenugreek oil nanoemulsion bioactivity and toxicity analysis Mansuri A., Chaudhari R. , Nasra S. , Meghani N. , Ranjan S. , Kumar A. By Environmental Science and Pollution Research 30 24907-24918 (2023)

Principal Investigator

  • Ligand functionalized nano-formulation for the targeted delivery of Everolimus in non-cancerous neuroendocrine tumours of pituitary, lung and pancreas SRIC, IIT KHARAGPUR

Ph. D. Students

Anupam Ghosh

Area of Research: Agricultural Nanoformulations

Murali Mohan Mishra

Area of Research: Lipid Nanomaterials

Rosebin Babu

Area of Research: Nanoformulations for Atherosclerosis

Sayak Roy Chowdhury

Area of Research: Nanomaterials application in Biotechnology