Harshad Hemantrao Shrigondekar

Assistant Professor Grade-II

Centre of Excellence on Safety Engineering & Analytics (COE-SEA)

Research Areas

  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Spray Dynamics
  • Exp. Heat Transfer & Fluid Dynamics
  • Engineering Education
  • Safety Engg, Management, & Analytics
My research to date comprises primarily Fire Safety Engineering. My specialization is Thermal Science and Engineering, however, I have a research inclination towards providing fire safety solutions. My research interest is based on whatever research I have conducted as a part of my Ph.D. thesis and also the extension of the same to cater to various verticals such as Industrial SafetyManufacturing SafetyTransportation SafetyOil, Gas, and Chemical SafetyMine Safety, etc.
I have extensively worked on water mist systems for extinguishing liquid pool fires. The following are the key contributions:
1. Comprehensive characterization of solid-cone spray using a particle/droplet image analyzer (PDIA) system
2. Characterization of liquid pool fires
3. Comparison of extinction performances of water mist systems with top injection
4. Building the water mist system with base injection for small storage tank fires
My short-term plan for research consists of 
1. Establishing a research facility for fire safety solutions
2. Designing and developing an AI-powered firefighting system with base injection for large storage tank fires
3. Building a novel smog tower for cleaning the air 
4. Improving atomization efficiency of the nozzles in water mist systems
5. Developing tiny novel matchsticks ensuring less consumption of wood
My research interests also include Engineering Education and Environment Safety
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  • Co-Principal Investigator
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