Our institute is fully residential. Students are accommodated in 20 Halls of Residence which are managed by HMC. In addition to this, 2 numbers of family accommodations are available for married doctoral scholars and defence sponsored married MTech students. These halls are administered by Wardens and Assistant Wardens with help of hall managers and supervisors.

Chairman and Coordinating Wardens (Mess, Maintenance, Allotment) look after the overall administration of HMC. Dean of Student Affairs acts as adviser.

Students doing MS and PhD through projects are accommodated in VSRC, which is managed by the Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy cell of IIT Kharagpur.

IIT Kharagpur

Catering service is provided by the regular hall staff members in some of the halls, and for the remaining halls it has been outsourced to private agencies. Cleaning service is outsourced for all the halls of residence. Currently there are 296 regular employees of HMC.

All the halls have 24x7 Internet connectivity, and most of them have common room, music room, library and sports room facilities. Halls also have various sports and culture facilities. Activities related to Mess operations and monitoring, sports and games, cultural events, library etc. are managed by various elected general secretaries and overseen by The Hall President. There are various inter-hall events foremost among which are Illumination, Rangoli and Garden competitions arranged by Technology Gymkhana.

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