The spectacular advancements in the realm of medical science and technology that our globe has witnessed in the recent decades have been largely possible, primarily due to the amalgamation of medical science, engineering and basic science. Considering the challenges presented by medical science today, the country needs a new breed of skilled professionals who can work towards the fusion of medical science with technology and can bridge the two disciplines. Realizing the demand, IIT Kharagpur started the School of Medical Science and Technology (SMST) in the year 2001, with the objective to provide a platform of interdisciplinary teaching and research in diverse areas of medical science and technology. The school appeared as the first and the "only" of its kind in the country with a mission to have doctors, scientists and engineers working collectively to provide a platform of interdisciplinary teaching and research in the field of medical science and technology who can lead to a better integrated healthcare delivery system in India.

Our vision is to have a medical academic institute with a multi-specialty research centre at its core, with the motto of education and collaboration for biomedical research and development, alongside treatment and healthcare delivery.

Keeping with this philosophy, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITKGP) in collaboration with Tata Medical Center, Kolkata announces:

Joint MSc-PhD Programs in

  • Molecular Medical Microbiology
  • Medical Physics *
  • Nuclear Medicine *

Molecular Medical Microbiology

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This course aims to train candidates specializing in molecular diagnosis of diseases, who can work in hospitals and contribute to the decision making process along with the core medical practitioners. Additionally, the course aims to train medical doctors in advanced molecular diagnosis of microbes and pathogens.

Medical Physics

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Medical intervention in the modern era, involves evidence based systemic therapy, surgical therapy and radiation therapy. Radiation therapy involves the use of high energy X-Rays, and charged particles to interact with living cells and cause preferential killing of cancer cells. To that end, the Medical Physics course aims to integrate in-depth knowledge of physics, radiobiology, and particle matter interaction to complement the medical knowledge of physicians.

Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine is the branch of medical science and technology which utilizes the radioisotopes for diagnosis and treatment of various disorders which are unique to augment conventional management strategies. This course aims to train experts who can act as Nuclear Medicine Technologists in clinical settings and also contribute towards research and development in the field.

Students of each programs will participate in the course work and acquire in-depth theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience in laboratory/clinical settings at IIT Kharagpur and TMC-Kolkata. Degrees will be awarded by IIT Kharagpur.

M.Sc. in Molecular Medical Microbiology and Nuclear Medicine are of two years? duration. After completion of M.Sc, eligible candidates may get admission in Ph.D program as per IIT Kharagpur norms. In PhD work students will be involved in the relevant clinico-fundamental and applied medical research in collaboration with medical experts. Medical Physics students have to undergo compulsory 12 months? internship in a relevant hospital setting to fulfil essential AERB criteria. This may also be availedas one-year post M.Sc. paid internship at Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata

Interested and qualified candidates are requested to visit JAM 2019 website http://jam.iitkgp.ac.in/ for necessary details about the application and follow the procedure accordingly.

For details contact at jpmm@smst.iitkgp.ac.in

Head School of Medical Science and Technology

Phone +91-3222-282221

Note: * Pending Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) approval.