Are you thinking about financing your own study at IIT through scholarship, conduct research, travel abroad for innovative projects, launch entrepreneurial ventures?

IIT-KGP is here to support you

IIT Kharagpur


  • Close to 1000 students at IIT-KGP receive financial assistance from various corporations, foundations and external agencies
  • More than 1000 students receive Scholarships on Merit-cum-Means
  • Hundreds of Endowment Prizes and Free Tuition offered by the Institute
  • Alumni Funded Scholarships

International Travel Assistance

  • IIT-KGP facilitated and financed students to participate in international competitions such as HULT Prize, GRIFTECH, Formula SAE, Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, FIRA World Cup.
  • Under the final year students funded program 'My Imprint' students have been supported on various occasions of international travel assistance.
  • International Travel assistance has been formalized under the Shri Gopal Rajgarhia (SGR) Student International Travel Programme for research and volunteer projects, international competitions and conferences, international internships and co-op placements

Special Grants

  • Top-up Fellowships offered by Faculty from Research Projects
  • Special Grants for incubated Entrepreneurship projects

Banking Assistance

  • At IIT-KGP education loans can be availed from nationalised banks in the campus
  • Students will not have to depend on parents or on scholarships for study

More than Scholarships, IIT-KGP offers financial assistance to pursue Academics, Accommodation, Research, Entrepreneurship and International Travel for Competitions

  • Merit cum Means Scholarship
  • Inspire Scholarship
  • Free Mess and Pocket Allowance
  • My Imprint Special Assistance
  • Organizational Scholarships & Fellowships
  • Alumni Scholarships & Awards
  • SGR International Travel Grant
  • Incubation Support for Student Enterprises