Debashish Chakravarty


Mining Engineering




  • Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and International Relations
  • Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs

Research Areas

Working on innovative mining technology, rescue robotics, SLAM based robotic surveying / mapping, virtual reality to increase slope stailiby, situation awareness, production, safety and efficiency in unit operations of pre-mining, while mining and post-mining phasaes.
The main three broad types of research interests cover the followinf in sequence:

1a. Mine Automation, AI, Geo-Resouce Data Analytics for Productivity & Safety
1b. SLAM, IIoT, Locational Survelliance for Environment and Energy Optimization
1c. Rescue Robotics and Robotic Mapping (Aerial UAV and Terrestrial)
1d Autonomy and Intelligence (Autonomous Systems & Autonomous Coordination)

2a. GeoResource Exploitation using Geoinformatics and GPS & GIS c
2b. Mineral Resource Mapping using Geodesy and InSAR Technologies
2c. Advanced Surveying, Robotic 3D/2D Mapping of Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

3a. Geo-technical, Numerical Stability Analysis of Slopes and Subsidence Monitoring Studies
3b. Hyperspectral Imaging for Mineral Identification along with InSAR (PS-DS) and PolSAR Applications
3c. Applied AI, ML/DL/ RL for Mineral Industries

For more details, visit http://www.agv.iitkgp.ac.in/ (This is the link for AGV - Autnomous Ground Vehicle which is currently AaI (Autonomy & Intelligence Students' Research Laboratory under the Center of Excellence in Robotics Research)

  • Industry 4.0 in Welding Mishra D., Pal S. K., Chakravarty D. By Welding Technology 253-298 (2021)
  • Automatic stability control of three wheeler vehicles- Recent Developments and Concerns towards a sustainable technology Sindha J., Chakraborty B. , Chakravarty D. By IMechE-Jauto Part D 232 418-434 (2018)
  • Digital twin : Fundamental Concepts to Applications in Advanced Manufacturing Pal S. K., Mishra D. , Pal A. , Dutta S. , Chakravarty D. , Pal S. By 1-501 (2021)
  • A system for real time monitoring, prediction and control of weld quality in friction stir welding (Filed Ref No: 202031000072, Filing date: January 1, 2020). Mishra D., Pal S. K., Gupta A. , Raj P. , Kumar A. , Anwer S. , Chakravarty D. , Pal S. , Chakravarty T. , Pal A. , Misra P. , Misra S. By - (2020)
  • Low-cost real-time machine vision based quality inspection system, Filed Ref No: 202031050404 Banerjee A., Mishra D. , Nayak P. , Pal S. K., Chakravarty D. By - (2020)
  • Real time surface defect analysis and correction in friction stir welding process by image processing (Filed Ref No: 201831035477, Filing date: September 20, 2018). Pal S. K., Khan A. R., Ranjan R. , Parikh C. , Pal S. , Chakravarty D. , Maiti A. By - (2018)
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  • Seasonal detection of coal overburden dump regions in unsupervised manner using landsat 8 OLI/TIRS images at jharia coal fields Mukherjee J., Mukherjee J., Chakravarty D., Aikat S. By Multimedia Tools and Applications - (2021)

Principal Investigator

  • Numerical modeling for stability analysis of flyash dyke for DBPower
  • Numerical Modelling for stability analysis of Ash Dyke at 2x600 MW Thermal Power Project of DB Power Limited, at Village Badadarha, Dist - Janjgir Champa, Chhattisgarh
  • Preparation and Formulation of Scamp for Six Seams in Chasnalla Colliery
  • Quality Study of Geo-environmental Parameters Study at JPL, Tamnar for Gare Palma IV/2 and IV/3 OCCM
  • Safety and Feasibility study report for filling of fly-ash in the mine voids and mixing with external dumps for Oraghat iron ore mine
  • Safety and Feasibility study report for filling of fly-ash in the mine voids and mixing with external dumps for Sanindpur Iron and Bauxite mines
  • Scientific and Auditing Study for Fly Ash Management at JSPL, Tamnar
  • Scientific and Auditing Study for Fly-Ash Management at JPL, Tamnar
  • Scientific study for common boundary excavation plan for Noamundi Iron mines and Katamati Iron mines of Tata Steel Ltd.
  • Scientific Study of Dump Stability with 25% to 75% Mix of Fly ash and OB in Gare IV / 1, 2 and 3 OCM at Jindal Power Limited
  • Scientific study of Slope stability of Dump with 25% Fly Ash and 75% Overburden materials at Gare IV/1 and 2/3 OCCM, Jindal Power Limited
  • Scientific Study of Ultimate pit slope, Internal and External dump
  • Technical Audit for fly ash disposal and Utilisation at Budge Budge and Southern Generating stations for Thermal plant of CESC Ltd. for the year 2022
  • Technical audit for fly-ash disposal and utilization at Haldia Energy Limited
  • Technical Study for the Preparation of Slope Stability Report for Optimum Advancement of Quarry Benches upto Mining Lease Boundary at Oraghat Iron Mine of M/s Rungta Sons (P) Ltd, District Sundergarh, Odisha
  • Technical Study for the Preparation of Slope Stability Report for Optimum Advancement of Quarry Benches upto Mining Lease Boundary at Sanindpur Iron and Bauxite Mine of M/s Rungta Sons (P) Ltd, District Sundergarh, Odisha

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Review of technical aspects of the Detailed Feasibility report, submitted by the Consultant DCPL-SRK Consulting (UK) Limited on South Kaliapani Underground Mine Project ODISHA MINING CORPORATION LIMITED
  • Third-party sampling and analysis of coal at the unloading end of Anpara Thermal Power Station. UTTAR PRADESH RAJYA VIDYUT UTPADAN NIGAM LIMITED

Ph. D. Students

Abhik Maiti

Area of Research: Rock Mechanicss and Image Processing

Aniket Verma

Area of Research: Surveying and GeoInformatics

Arpan Halder

Area of Research: Underground communiication and robotics

Avishek Mukherjee

Area of Research: Industry 4.0

Bishwajit Kumar Shrivastava

Area of Research: Remote Sensing, Environment and Mining Applications.

Dandiwala Ankitkumar Shaileshbhai

Area of Research: Active Safety Control Design for Compact EVs: A Model Based Development

Joynath Mishra

Area of Research: Coal Identification and Hyperspecrtal Image Processing

Kousik Biswas

Area of Research: Algorithmic Development of PSInSAR and GeoImaging for Applications

Krishna Dinda

Area of Research: Optimization in Mining

Mameeta Pukhrambam

Area of Research: Wavelet based algorithms and Radar Image Processing for Deformation Estimation

Mohite Aarati Ramchandra

Area of Research: Robotics and SLAM with Field Applications

Pranab Murari

Area of Research: Implementation of Industry 4.0 in Indian Mining Industry

Raktim Ghosh

Area of Research: Remote sensing and data analytics

Saptami Ghosh

Area of Research: 3D Reconstruction and Indoor Mapping using SLAM

Saurav Kumar

Area of Research: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Soubhik Chatterjee

Area of Research: Automation and AI Applications Aspects

Sudhir Kumar Singh

Area of Research: Slope Stability and Instrumentation for Optimization of Mining Proceses

Suprabhat Maity

Area of Research: Autonomous Ground Vehicles, Lane Detection, Computer Vision and ML Issues

Swarnali Chaudhuri

Area of Research: Petrophysical Data Analysis using Evolutionary Algorithms.

Tamesh Halder

Area of Research: Feature Detection from polarimetric-interferometric radar images for change detection