Manoj Kumar Tiwari


Industrial and Systems Engineering


Research Areas

  • Manufacturing Operations Planning
  • Intelligent Decision Modeling
  • Operations Analysis and Management
  • Product and Process Improvements
Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari (FNAE, FNASc, FIIIE, FIISE) has been Director, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Mumbai since November 2019. He was a Professor with Higher Academic Grade (HAG) in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He is actively involved in research relevant to the application of optimization, modeling, decision support systems, and data mining in logistics, supply chain management, and manufacturing research domains. He is associate/senior editor of several renowned journals like IJPR, POMS, JIM, IEEE-SMCA, INS, and CAIE. Prof Tiwari has led numerous projects and consultancy assignments with prominent industry and government organizations in India, including Indian Air Force, Procter and Gamble, TATA Hitachi, and ports located in eastern India. In addition, he aggressively engaged in collaborative research with partners from Loughborough University UK, Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) at the University of Cambridge UK, Warwick Manufacturing Group UK, Durham University UK, and the University of Connecticut USA. Prof. Tiwari is an author of more than 338 articles in leading international journals with H index-71. He is a fellow of The National Academy of Sciences India (NASI), and Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), and the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), USA.
  • Composite particle algorithm for sustainable integrated dynamic ship routing and scheduling optimization Arijit De, Vamsee Krishna Reddy Mamanduru, Angappa Gunasekaran , Nachiappan Subramanian, MK Tiwari By Computers & Industrial Engineering 96 201-2015 (2016)
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Ph. D. Students

Mayank Shukla

Area of Research: Digital Twin and its effects in supply chain

Rony Mitra

Area of Research: Financial Management and Machine Learning

Sankara Narayanan G

Area of Research: Food Supply Chain

Sumit Kumar Biswas

Area of Research: Mitigating Uncertainty and Risk in Project Management

Vipin Kumar

Area of Research: IOT in SCM

Vishal Kumar Gupta

Area of Research: Omni channel logistics