Numerous in-house eateries serve the demands of residents. Some eateries are open overnight, while some serve hot food from early morning itself to best cater to the peoples' convenience. Within campus are restaurants like Billoos (famous for its Punjabi food), Dreamland-Sahara, Hot Bite, Heritage etc. Each Hall of Residence has its own Canteen apart from the mess.

The JCB, HJB and VS Mens Hall Canteens allow ladies too to sit and enjoy meals. 'Eat-KGP' a virtual collaboration of all the in-campus eateries provides room delivery of food through online orders.

The KGP campus also boasts of retail eatery chains such as Cafe Coffee Day, Baskin Robbins and Subway. One can always visit Dominos, Flavours and Park Restaurants outside the campus (approx. 5 kms).

IIT KGP has its own Food Monitoring Committee that ensures proper quality food is being served hygienically at fair prices at all campus eateries. The FMC conducts raids on complaints, takes feedback, publishes annual reviews, fines and looks after these eating destinations. IIT Kharagpur has a self-sustained market (Tech market) within campus where one can get a wide variety of evening snacks and sweets.

At last, we got Chhedis, just on the border of Puri gate, a dhaba that has never closed down in the history of KGP except for once during 1983.

IIT Kharagpur