Mrigank Sharad

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Rajendra Mishra School of Engg Entrepreneurship

Research Areas

 Working on research projects in the field of mixed signal design, low power VLSI, biomedical circuits and systems. 
Developing data driven technology solutions for Agriculture: IOT, AI , Imagery, Big Data, UI/UX - Aunique company with full stack, cross value chain digital solutions for Agriculture applications.
    Not Available.

Principal Investigator

  • Design of SET Tolerant High Speed Transceiver for Chip to Chip Backplane Interconnect KCSTC
  • Machine Learning Processor Design DXCorr Design Inc.

Ph. D. Students

Aishik Das

Area of Research: Food Testing using Photo spectrometry

Ankit Shivhare

Area of Research: System on Chip Design

Medha Nag

Area of Research: Digital Image Processing using Machine Learning

Prasanta Kr Sen

Area of Research: IOT and Signal Processing Application

Riju Biswas

Area of Research: Sensor interfacing electronics

Sajin S

Area of Research: AI Hardware

Saride Sathyasai Aravindkumar

Area of Research: Technology Interventions in Agriculture

Sreerag V

Area of Research: Agricultural machinery product design