Arindam Basu

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law


Research Areas

  • Contract Law and Related Theories
  • Comparative Competition Laws
  • Insolvency Law
  • Law and Climate Change
  • Law and Neuroscience
1. Law and Neuroscience
2. Sustainable development and judiciary: A theoritical construction
3. Deconstructing legal aspects of climate change
4. Contract theories and their application in Indian mercantile laws
5. Insolvency Law
6. AI and Law
7. Competetion Law

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  • Co-Principal Investigator

Ph. D. Students

Anshuman Sahoo

Area of Research: Antitrust, Contract and Data Privacy

Ranjana Dey

Area of Research: Public Law and Human Rights

Sharda Mandal

Area of Research: IP, Environment and Biodiversity

Shimul Dutta

Area of Research: Environment, Climate Change & Human Rights

Shubham Pandey

Area of Research: Public Law and Policy