Dhrubajyoti Sen


Civil Engineering




  • Head, Civil Engineering
  • Academic Adviser to Chairperson, RCGSIDM

Research Areas

  • River hydraulics and engineering
  • Urban flood monitoring and management
  • Hydraulic structures: design /operation
Interested in the following topics related to water resources, hydraulics and hydraulic structures:
1. Applications of numerical simulation tools for problems related to fluvial and pluvial flooding, river flow, sediment transport and riverbank failures,
2. Real time weather variable monitoring and their application to real-time prediction of flooding,
3. Effect of climate change on water resources and implications on flooding,
4. Low head energy dissipation structures
  • Application of wastewater quality index (WWQI) as an evaluation tool: a case of stormwater flow channel (SWF) of Kolkata, India Nadella A., Sen D. By Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 194 - (2022)
  • Submerged Flow over Barrage Weirs: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Model Study Roy Biswas T., Singh P., Sen D. By Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 147 - (2021)
  • Assessment of seasonal and spatial fluctuations in wastewater quality using multivariate statistical methods Nadella A., Sen D. By Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 194 - (2022)
  • Equilibrium approach for modeling erosional failure of granular dams Roy Biswas T., Begam S., Dey S., Sen D. By Physics of Fluids 33 - (2021)
  • Evolution of the Urban Wastewater Bio-treatment and Reuse System of East Kolkata Wetlands, India: an Appraisal Nadella A., Sen D. By Wetlands 41 - (2021)
  • Local-inertial shallow water model on unstructured triangular grids Sridharan B., Bates P.D., Sen D., Kuiry S.N. By Advances in Water Resources 152 - (2021)
  • Modeling positive surge propagation in open channels using the Serre-Green-Naghdi equations Roy Biswas T., Dey S., Sen D. By Applied Mathematical Modelling 97 803-820 (2021)
  • Performance indicators-based energy sustainability in urban water distribution networks: A state-of-art review and conceptual framework Zaman D., Tiwari M. K., Gupta A. K., Sen D. By Sustainable Cities and Society 72 103036- (2021)

Principal Investigator

  • A Numerical Modelling Framework for Wetland Management
  • Construction of a Barrage at the confluence of River Adi Ganga (Tolly Nullah)
  • Mathematical modelling of the Muriganga river system in connection with proposed bridge over river Muriganga
  • Proof Checking and Vetting of Detailed Project Report for Renovation of Navigation Lock at Farakka

Ph. D. Students

Abhimanyu Prasad Tripathi

Area of Research: Riverbank erosion protection measures and mechanisms

Daisy Koch


Daundkar Ramesh Kailas

Area of Research: Urban flood modelling and management

Nadella Anusha

Area of Research: Urban waste water and runoff management

Pankaj Singh

Area of Research: Energy dissipation below low-head structures

Pramit De

Area of Research: Fluvial hydrodynamics

Sammelan Chowdhury

Area of Research: Applied hydrodynamics