Koustuv Ray

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Chemical Engineering




  • Assistant Warden, Lala Lajpat Rai Hall

Research Areas

Our research lab is formally known as "Laboratory of Catalysis and Process Engineering" (LCPE) located in the second floor (Room No. 212) of Chemical Engineering Department Annex and the following research areas are currently investigated.

1. Development of low-cost bimetallic/alloy catalyst for CO2 and Alkane conversion

2. Microkinetic modelling on cracking, reforming and hydrogenation reactions

3. Design of Anaerobic Digester for organic waste conversion into bio-hydrogen and bio-methane

4. Photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into value-added chemicals and fuels

5. Machine Learning enabled catalyst screening for process reactions 
  • Selective photo-reduction of CO2 to methanol using Cu-doped 1D-Bi2S3/rGO nanocomposites under visible light irradiation Mandal A., Maitra S., Roy S., Hazra B., Ray K., Kargupta K. By New Journal of Chemistry 47 1422-1434 (2022)
  • Promotion of unsupported nickel catalyst using iron for CO2 methanation Pandey D., Ray K. , Bhardwaj R. , Bojja S. , Chary K. , Deo G. By International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 43 4987-5000 (2018)
  • Density functional theory insights on photocatalytic ability of CuO/TiO2 and CuO/ZnO Singha B., Ray K. By Materials Today: Proceedings 72 451-458 (2023)
  • Modelling of anaerobic digester for the conversion of organic waste into hydrogen & methane Sahoo S. K., Arif M. , Ray K. By Materials Today: Proceedings 72 299-305 (2023)
  • NaBH4-Assisted Synthesis of B-(Ni-Co)/MgAl2O4Nanostructures for the Catalytic Dry Reforming of Methane Shakir M., Prasad M., Ray K., Sengupta S., Sinhamahapatra A., Liu S., Vuthaluru H.B. By ACS Applied Nano Materials 5 10951-10961 (2022)
  • Ni/CexZr1-xO2 catalyst prepared via one-step coprecipitation for CO2 reforming of CH4 to produce syngas: role of oxygen storage capacity (OSC) and oxygen vacancy formation energy (OVFE) Prasad M., Ray K. , Sinhamahapatra A. , Sengupta S. By Journal of Materials Science 57 2839-2856 (2022)
  • Activity and stability descriptors of Ni based alloy catalysts for dry reforming of methane: A density functional theory study Ray K., Sandupatla A. S., Deo G. By International Journal of Quantum Chemistry e26580 1-7 (2020)
  • Thermodynamic equilibrium analysis on oxidative dehydrogenation of propane using CO2: Finding a suitable reactant ratio for propylene formation Kumar G., Pattnaik A. , Sehgal S. , Ray K. , Pandey D. By Journal of the Indian Chemical Society 97 1-5 (2020)
  • Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over alumina supported vanadia catalyst Effect of carbon dioxide and secondary surface metal oxide additive Sandupatla A. S., Ray K. , Thaosen P. , Sivananda C. , Deo G. By Catalysis Today 354 176-182 (2019)
  • Developing descriptors for CO 2 methanation and CO 2 reforming of CH 4 over Al 2 O 3 supported Ni and low-cost Ni based alloy catalysts Ray K., Bhardwaj R. , Singh B. , Deo G. By Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 15939-15950 (2018)

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Analysis of chemical and allied samples Various Govt. and Private Agencies

Ph. D. Students

Athira P

Area of Research: Experimental and Computational Heterogeneous Catalysis

Biplab Ghosh

Area of Research: Experimental Heterogeneous Catalysis

Parna Pramanik

Area of Research: Solid State Inorganic Chemistry

Rahul Kumar

Area of Research: Experimental and Computational Heterogeneous Catalysis

Sunil Kumar Sahoo

Area of Research: Heterogeneous Photocatalysis