Amiya Kumar Jana

Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering



PhD position available [Desalination, CO2 sequestration, Fuel cell] | Project funded research associate (postdoc) position - (No of post 1) available on "Energy Integration" | One Research Associate (Postdoc) position available on Process Intensification | PhD/postdoc position available on Gas Hydrates (hydrogen storage & carbon capture)/Fuel Cell/Process Control |

Research Areas

Increasing energy demand, depletion of natural resources and environmental concerns have stimulated an intensive research in finding a new energy vector and developing energy efficient cost effective technology. With this objective, we are working in the area of renewable energy and process intensification. Our current research also involves the nonlinear controller synthesis and its application in controlling fuel cells and thermally integrated separation processes. We are also devoted in formulating the kinetic and phase equilibrium models and their validation for gas hydrates that conserve natural gas in oceanic and arctic sediments perhaps twice the total amount of other fossil fuels present today.   
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Principal Investigator

  • Control algorithm for high power PEM fuel cell systems ISRO, IIT KHARAGPUR CELL
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility of Hydrate based Desalination using LNG Cold Energy through Thermal Integration Route Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Theoretical and experimental study on advancing real-time multi-effect distillation for desalination: solar-thermal power driven energy management, optimization, AI based soft sensing and nonlinear control Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Ph. D. Students

Biswarup Mondal

Area of Research: Biochemical Engineering

Dongre Harshal Jagdish

Area of Research: Gas hydrates

Gagandeep Garg

Area of Research: Energy

Loknath Gupta

Area of Research: Process Engineering

Nande Pradip Sugriv

Area of Research: Simulation

Pinalben Sureshbhai Thakkar

Area of Research: Simulation

Prince Kumar Gautam

Area of Research: Modeling and simulation

Rajdeep Mukherjee

Area of Research: Modeling and simulation

Rohit Thakran

Area of Research: Energy and process engineering

Satyanarayana Lalam

Area of Research: Process Engineering

Shubhangi Sharma

Area of Research: Modeling and simulation

Yashveer Singh

Area of Research: Energy system