Sudipto Chakraborty


Chemical Engineering




  • Chairman, Joint Entrance Exam.

Research Areas

  • Ultrafast Cooling (Spray, Jet, Coolants)
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • CFD and Heat transfer
  • Carbon based nano-materials
  • Piezoelectric Nano Generator
Our research group is devoted to work in the area of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and material synthesis along with its applications. The major verticals are as follows:

Industrial Scale Heat Transfer: 
Our research group developed new cooling process in the form of jet, jet array, spray and air atomized spray using various coolants. The work has been started keeping in mind the cooling of hot rolled steel with an initial temperature of 1000oC. We used water as a traditional coolant and added surfactant (SDS, CTAB, Tween 20 etc.), polymer (PVP etc.), salt (NaCl, MgSO4etc.), alcohol, nanoparticle (Cu, Al2O3, LDH, TiO2etc) as additives to the coolant. We introduced bimetallic layered double hydroxide (LDH) as nanofluid coolant which has synergistic thermal properties of two individual metals. This experimental research mostly encompasses boiling heat transfer.

Ultra-fast Transport Phenomena:
Mostly, we cover the liquid drop impact on liquid surface and our research intends to experimentally and numerically enrich the transport phenomena occurring at the liquid-liquid interface using a sophisticated instrument like high speed camera (100000 fps) and GERRIS software. The numerous fascinating outcomes of drop dynamics like coalescence, vortex ring, jetting, splashing, bubble entrapment etc. are elucidated using a simple drop impingement system of microsyringe and needle. We have pioneered research on drop impact interfacial chemical reaction and phase change problem.

Graphene Based Application: 
We endeavour on virgin application of Graphene oxide (GO) and reduced Graphene oxide (rGO). Different grades and sizes of Graphene oxide are synthesized using improved thermal reduction method. We investigated on the bactericidal efficacy of these materials by studying the bacteria cell membrane damage, growth inhibition on both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Future work is in progress for drug encapsulation and delivery.
  • On the generation of vorticity and hydrodynamics of vortex ring during liquid drop impingement Behera M. R., Dasgupta A. , Chakraborty S. By Physics of Fluids 31 - (2019)
  • Heat transfer from a hot moving steel plate by using Cu-Al layered double hydroxide nanofluid based air atomized spray Jha J. M., Sarkar I. , Chakraborty S. , Pal S. K., Chakraborty S. By Experimental Heat Transfer 30 500-516 (2017)
  • Surfactant-based CuWater Nanofluid Spray for Heat Transfer Enhancement of High Temperature Steel Surface Ravikumar S.V., Jha J.M., Haldar K., Pal S.K., Chakraborty Sudipto By Trans. ASME JHeat Transfer 137(5) 051504-1-8 (2015)
  • Synthesis of Cu Al layered double hydroxide nanofluid and characterization of its thermal properties Chakraborty S., Sarkar I. , Haldar . , Pal S. K., Chakraborty S. By Applied Clay Science 107 98-108 (2015)
  • Co-Principal Investigator

Ph. D. Students

Deepu Kumar Jha

Area of Research: Modelling and Simulation

Km Madhu Paswan

Area of Research: Energy Harvesting


Area of Research: Fluid Dynamics

Shweta Malviya

Area of Research: Nano technology

Suparna Bhattacharyya

Area of Research: Heat Transfer