Research Areas

  • Advanced Composite TechnologyDevelopment
  • Development of Hybrid Armor
  • Develp. of TPS for hypersonic vehicles
  • Hydrogen Storage and Distributions
  • Reliability of Advanced composites
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  • Insights into anhydride-cured epoxy resin system using dynamic chemo-rheological modeling Mohanta S., Sankhla S., Namboothiri K.K., Kuppusamy R.R.P., Neogi S. By Polymer Bulletin - (2023)
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  • Performance-based design and manufacturing of filament wound Type-4 cylinders for compressed gas storage Sharma P., Neogi S. By Composite Structures 309 - (2023)
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Principal Investigator

  • Development of composite structures for the application in hydrogen storage and distribution integrated with sensor Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Development of Hydrogen and CNG cylinder test facility THE AUTOMOTIVE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION OF INDIA
  • Development of Test Methodology and Correlations to Predict the Effect of Aging under Synergistic Environmental Conditions on Ballistic Performance of Soft Armor Defence Research and Development Organisation (HQ)
  • Development of type 4 liner for hydrogen storage using rotomolding technology K K NAG PRIVATE LIMITED
  • DST-Bioenergy and Hydrogen MAP (Materials Accumulation Platform) Department of Science and Technology

Ph. D. Students

Akash Kumar Burolia

Area of Research: Advanced Composite Technology

Ananya Mandal

Area of Research: Composite Technology

Rinku Pramanick

Area of Research: Nano Composite : Synthesis and application

Rohan M Jadhav

Area of Research: Composite Technology

Sangeeta Sankhla

Area of Research: Composite Technology

Sourav Mondal

Area of Research: Bioenergy

Uma Kisku

Area of Research: Advanced composite technology and plasma processing

Veeturi Uma Varun

Area of Research: Advanced Composite Technology

Warhekar Pooja Prakash

Area of Research: Radar Absorbing Material

Yash Verma

Area of Research: Advanced Composite Technology